Koo, D.C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
380 The Stellar Mass Tully-Fisher Relation to z = 1.2 477 Kassin, S.A.; Weiner, B.J.; Faber, S.M.; Koo, D.C.; Lotz, J.M.; the AEGIS Collaboration
399 DEEP & AEGIS: Deep Panchromatic Panoramic Views of Galaxies at Half the Hubble Age 252 Koo, D.C.; the DEEP2 Team; the AEGIS Team
399 The Redshift Evolution of Wet, Dry, and Mixed Galaxy Mergers from Close Galaxy Pairs in the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey 298 Lin, L.; Patton, D.R.; Koo, D.C.; Casteels, K.; Hsieh, B.C.; the DEEP2 team