Kortenkamp, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
443 Professional Development Workshops for K–8 Teachers at the Planetary Science Institute 269 Lebofsky, L. A.; Anderson, S. W.; Bleamaster, L. F.; Buxner, S. R.; Cañizo, T. L.; Croft, S. K.; Crown, D. A.; Kortenkamp, S.; Pierazzo, E.
457 Workshops in Science Education and Resources (Project WISER): A Model for Building Content and Pedagogical Skills in Space Science for Elementary and Middle School Teachers 221 Buxner, S. R.; Crown, D. A.; Lebofsky, L. A.; Croft, S. K.; Cañizo, T. L.; Pierazzo, E.; Kortenkamp, S.; Baldridge, A.; Project WISER Team