Koutchmy, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
26 Development of Reflecting Coronagraphs 660 Smartt, R. N.; Koutchmy, S.
68 Analysis of Chromospheric Proxies of Coronal Bright Points 389 Bocchialini, K.; Vial, J.-C.; Koutchmy, S.; Zirker, J. B.
150 A Model of Plasma Sheets in Equilibrium 127 Koutchmy, S.; Molodensky, M.; Vibert, D.
150 Wave Activity and Prominence Eruption 314 Baudin, F.; Bocchialini, K.; Delannee, C.; Koutchmy, S.; Stellmacher, G.; Shibata, K.; Veselovsky, I. S.; Panasenko, O. A.; Zhukov, A. N.
150 Coronal Plasmoid Dynamics 388 Delannee, C.; Koutchmy, S.; Zhukov, A.; Veselovsky, I.
155 Spicules and Macrospicules: Simultaneous Hα and He II (304 Å) Observations 376 Georgakilas, A. A.; Dara, H.; Zachariadis, Th.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Koutchmy, S.; Delannée, C.; Delaboudinière, J.-P.; Hochedez, J.-F.
184 Propagating Magneto-Acoustic Waves in the Network 232 Baudin, F.; Bocchialini, K.; Koutchmy, S.
205 Eclipse Science Results: Past and Present (Invited review) 3 Livingston, W.; Koutchmy, S.
346 The Chromospheric Prolateness and its Variations 269 Vilinga, J.; Koutchmy, S.
368 On the Dynamic Nature of the Prolate Chromosphere 177 Filippov, B.; Koutchmy, S.; Vilinga, J.
368 Old and New Aspects of Prominence Physics from Coronal Observations 331 Koutchmy, S.; Filippov, B.; Lamy, P.
368 Coronagraphic Broad-Band Hα Observations 1998 – 2000 351 Meunier, N.; Noeens, J-C.; Romeuf, D.; Koutchmy, S.; Jimenez,R.; Wurmser, O.; Rochain, S.
368 Chromospheric and Prominence Physics with the ASPIICS Formation Flying Coronagraph 639 Lamy, P.; Vives, S.; Koutchmy, S.; Arnaud, J.