Kruse, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
457 What Would Galileo Do? An Update on the Galileo Teacher Training Program 137 Kruse, B.; Manning, J. G.; Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.
457 The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD-ROM: A Collection of Hands-on Activities, Resource Guides, Informational Articles, and Videos for Teaching Astronomy 239 Fraknoi, A.; Kruse, B.; Gurton, S.; Schmitt, A. H.; Proudfit, L.; Schatz, D.
457 Astronomy Behind the Headlines: Developing a Series of Podcasts on Current Topics in Astronomy 275 Kruse, B.; Petersen, C. C.; Petersen, M. C.; Gurton, S.; Schmitt, A. H.; Fraknoi, A.; Proudfit, L.
500 The NASA Galileo Educator Network: Using Astronomy to Engage Teachers in Science Practices 223 Kruse, B.; Bass, K. M.; Schultz, G.
516 Preliminary Results: AWB's Building on the Eclipse Program 399 Bartolone, L.; Simmons, M.; Nelson, A.; Kruse, B.
516 Eclipse Megamovie 2017 Successes and Potential For Future Work 337 Peticolas, L.; Hudson, H.; Johnson, C.; Zevin, D.; White, V.; Oliveros, J. C. M.; Ruderman, I.; Koh, J.; Konerding, D.; Bender, M.; Cable, C.; Kruse, B.; Yan, D.; Krista, L.; Collier, B.; Fraknoi, A.; Pasachoff, J. M.; Filippenko, A. V.; Mendez, B.; McIntosh, S. W.; Filippenko, N. L.
524 From Pinholes to Space Telescopes 77 Kruse, B.; Hurst, A.; Shore, L.; Prosper, D.; Furmanska, E.
524 Twenty-Five Years of Project ASTRO 107 Shore, L.; Domingue, D.; Harvey, J.; Sparks, R. T.; Schwarz, K. M.; Kruse, B.
524 Using Astrophotography in Science Communication 115 Sparks, R. T.; Kruse, B.