Kubátová, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
508 Clumping in Massive Star Winds and Its Possible Connection to the B[e] Phenomenon 45 Kubátová, B.; Kubát, J.; Hamann, W.-R.; Oskinova, L.
519 3-D NLTE Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Code for Stellar Wind Modeling 15 Fišák, J.; Kubát, J.; Kubátová, B.; Kromer, M; Krtička, J.
519 Inclusion of Inhomogeneities in Static NLTE Model Atmospheres 45 Kubát, J.; Kubátová, B.
519 The Quasi-WR Star HD 45166 Revisited 197 Dolevzalová, B.; Kubátová, B.; Kubát, J.; Hamann, W.
519 3D Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer in Inhomogeneous Massive Star Winds – Application to Resonance Line Formation 209 Kubátová, B.; Hamann, W.; Kubát, J.; Oskinova, L. M.