Kupryakov, Yu. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
206 Chromospheric Response to a Short-Duration Beam Heating: Observing Programme and Numerical Simulations 289 Heinzel, P.; Karlický, M.; Kotrč, P.; Kupryakov, Yu. A.
504 Is it Possible to Use the Green Coronal Line Instead of X rays to Cancel an Effect of the Coronal Emissivity Deficit in Estimation of the Prominence Total Mass from Decrease of the EUV-corona Intensities? 89 Schwartz, P.; Heinzel, P.; Jejčič, S.; Rybák, J.; Kotrč, P.; Fárník, F.; Kupryakov, Yu. A.; Deluca, E. E.; Golub, L.; Jibben, P. R.; Anzer, U.; Tlatov, A. G..; Guseva, S. A.