Mallard, W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
420 Astropulse and Fly’s Eye: SETI Searches for Transient Radio Signals Using Distributed Computing 447 Von Korff, J.; Siemion, A.; Korpela, E.; Werthimer, D.; McMahon, P.; Cobb, J.; Lebofsky, M.; Anderson, D.; Bankay, B.; Bower, G.; Foster, G.; van Leeuwen, J.; Mallard, W.; Wagner, M.
448 Observations of Late-Type Stars with the Infrared Spatial Interferometer 207 Wishnow, E.; Townes, C.; Ravi, V.; Lockwood, S.; Mistry, H.; Fitelson, W.; Mallard, W.; Werhimer, D.
487 Recent Observations of Betelgeuse and New Instrumentation at the ISI 337 Lockwood, S.; Ravi, V.; Wishnow, E. H.; Fitelson, W.; Mallard, W.; Werthimer, D.; Mistry, H.; Townes, C. H.