Minarovjech, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
140 Simultaneous Observations of the Emission Corona 333 Rybansky, M.; Minarovjech, M.; Rusin, V.
140 Emission Corona and Prominences over Solar Cycles 353 Rusin, V.; Rybansky, M.; Minarovjech, M.
150 Time-Latitude Prominence and the Green Corona Distribution Over the Solar Activity Cycle 484 Minarovjech, M.; Rybansky, M.; Rusin, V.
205 Comparison Between the White-Light and Green Emission Coronae 32 Minarovjech, M.
343 On Polarization in the 530.3 nm Coronal Emission Line 203 Pinter, T.; Rybansky, M.; Minarovjech, M.