Mouradian, Z.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
140 Synoptic Data Findings 181 Mouradian, Z.
140 The New "Solar Activity Synoptic Maps" of Observatoire de Paris-Meudon 197 Mouradian, Z.
150 A Statistical Investigation of Prominence Fine Structure in the EUV 59 Pojoga, S.; Nikoghossian, A. G.; Mouradian, Z.
150 A Large Filament and Flares in Active Region NOAA 5669 on September 2,1989 74 Porfir'eva, G. A.; Yakunina, G. V.; Mouradian, Z.
150 Observation of Prominence Heating and the Heating Mechanism 159 Ofman, L.; Mouradian, Z.; Kucera, T. A.; Poland, A. I.
150 Behaviour of H-alpha and H CA II Emission Lines in a Prominence Before and During its Dynamic "Disparition Brusque" 326 Madjarska, M. S.; Dermendjiev, V. N.; Mouradian, Z.; Kotrc, P.
368 Eightieth Anniversary of Solar Physics at Coimbra 3 Mouradian, Z.; Garcia, A.
368 Improvement of the Coimbra Spectroheliograph (1988 1992) 15 Buale, I.; Mouradian, Z.; Schmieder, B.