Neuforge-Verheecke, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
135 Treatment of Opacities in Stellar Modeling and Asteroseismology 264 Neuforge-Verheecke, C.; Noels, A.
210 Seismological Tests of the Diffusion/Mass-Loss Theory for &lambda Bootis Stars 418 Neuforge-Verheecke, C.; Guzik, J. A.; Bradley, P. A.
259 Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Evolution Sequences of Rotating Stars 192 Deupree, R. G.; Guzik, J. A.; Neuforge-Verheecke, C.
259 A Proposed Pulsation Driving Mechanism for γ Doradus Variable Stars 502 Guzik, J. A.; Kaye, A. B.; Bradley, P. A.; Cox, A. N.; Neuforge-Verheecke, C.; Warner, P. B.