Newmark, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
150 The Plasma Environment of Prominences - SOHO Observations (Review) 45 Moses, D.; Korendyke, G. M.; Moulton, N.; Newmark, J.
155 3-Dimensional Models of Active Region Loops 145 Aschwanden, M. J.; Neupert, W. M.; Newmark, J.; Thompson, B. J.; Brosius, J. W.; Holman, G. D.; Harrison, R. A.; Bastian, T. S.; Nitta, N.; Hudson, H. S.; Zucker, A.
184 Magnetic Field Evolution and Topology of an AR 276 Mandrini, C. H.; Deng, Y. Y.; Schmieder, B.; Démoulin, P.; Rudawy, P.; Nitta, N.; Newmark, J.; de Forest, C.