Nice, D. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
72 Pulsar Searches at Arecibo 9 Nice, D. J.
105 The Green Bank Northern Sky Survey: Discovery of a New Neutron Star-Neutron Star Binary 11 Nice, D. J.; Sayer, R. W.; Taylor, J. H.
105 Pulsar Flux Monitoring and Refractive Scintillation 455 Stinebring, D. R.; Smirnova, T. V.; Hovis, J.; Kempner, J. C.; Myers, E. B.; Hankins, T. H.; Kaspi, V. M.; Nice, D. J.
105 Rotational and Orbital Fluctuations of Eclipsing Binary Pulsar PSR B1744-24A 523 Nice, D. J.; Thorsett, S. E.
302 Neutron Star Masses from Arecibo Timing Observations of Five Pulsar-White Dwarf Binary Systems 75 Nice, D. J.; Splaver, E. M.; Stairs, I. H.
302 New Limits on the Gravitational Wave Background and Other Results from the Pulsar Timing Array 81 Lommen, A. N.; Backer, D. C.; Splaver, E. M.; Nice, D. J.