Nord, M.E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
345 Holes in the Sky: HII Regions in Absorption at 74 MHz for Galactic Cosmic-Ray Tomography 207 Nord, M.E.; Brogan, C.L.; Lazio, T.J.W.; Kassim, N.E.
345 The Long Wavelength Array 392 Kassim, N.E.; Polisensky, E.J.; Clarke, T.E.; Hicks, B.C.; Crane, P.C.; Stewart, K.P.; Ray, P.S.; Weiler, K.W.; Rickard, L.J.; Lazio, T.J.W.; Lane, W.M.; Cohen, A.S.; Nord, M.E.; Erickson, W.C.; Perley R.A.
345 A New Bursting Radio Transient towards the Galactic Center 506 Hyman, S.D.; Neureuther, J.L.; Lazio, T.J.W.; Nord, M.E.; Kassim, N.E.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.