Norris, J. E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
49 Kinematics and Caution - Monte-Carlo Analyses of Biased Galactic Structure Data 103 Ryan, S. G.; Norris, J. E.
245 New Searches for R-Process Enhanced Stars 298 Christlieb, N.; Beers, T. C.; Hill, V.; Primas, F.; Rhee, J.; Ryan, S. G.; Bessell, M.; Norris, J. E.; Sneden, C.; Edvardsson, B.; Gustafsson, B.; Karlsson, T.; Mizuno-Wiedner, M.
265 A Comparison of Copper Abundances in ω Centauri and Other Globular clusters 117 Cunha, K.; Smith, V. V.; Suntzeff, N. B.; Norris, J. E.; da Costa, G. S.
265 Spectroscopy of Main Sequence Stars in ω Centauri and Other Clusters 119 Cannon, R. D.; Croke, B. F. W.; da Costa, G. S.; Norris, J. E.