Norris, R.P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
380 ATLAS: Deep Radio Observations of Six Square Degrees 229 Norris, R.P.; Middelberg, E.; Boyle, B.J.
380 Deep ATCA and GMRT Observations of the CDFS 243 Afonso, J.; Messias, H.; Mobasher, B.; Koekemoer, A.; Norris, R.P.; Cram, L.; Kanekar, N.; Farrah, D.; Chengalur, J.
408 Distinguishing between AGN and Star-Forming Galaxies in ATLAS 169 Randall, K.E.; Hopkins, A.M.; Norris, R.P.; Mao, M.Y.
408 Co-Evolution of AGN and Star-Forming Galaxies in the Australia Telescope Large Area Survey 334 Norris, R.P.
408 Cosmic Evolution of Radio Sources in ATLAS 380 Mao, M.Y.; Norris, R.P.; Sharp, R.; Lovell, J.E.J.