Norton, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
164 Ultraviolet-Optical Instrument Development in the Diffraction Grating Evaluation Facility 446 Boucarut, R.; Bush, F.; Content, D.; Leviton, D.; Madison, T.; Miner, L.; Norton, T.; Petrone, P., III; Puc, B.; Saha, T.; Standley, C.
164 FUV-NIR Filter Metrology in the GSFC Optics Branch 453 Content, D.; Leviton, D.; Boucarut, R.; Keski-Kuha, R.; Madison, T.; Miner, L.; Norton, T.; Petrone, P., III; Quijada, M.
207 Performance of the NGST Wavefront Control System as Tested on DCATT 69 Redding, D.; Basinger, S.; Lowman, A.; Shi, F.; Bowers, C.; Burns, L.; Davila, P.; Dean, B.; Fitzmaurice, M.; Hagopian, J.; Leboeuf, C.; Mosier, G.; Norton, T.; Perkins, B.; Petrone, P.; Wheeler, L.; Wilson, M.
207 DCATT Dispersed Fringe Sensor: Modeling and Experimenting with the Transmissive Phase Plates 510 Shi, F.; Redding, D.; Lowman, A.; Basinger, S.; Bowyers, C.; Davila, P.; Wilson, M.; Norton, T.; Boucarut, R.; Petrone, P.