O'Linger, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
235 Giant CO Flows Powered by Protostars in L1448 103 Barsony, M.; Wolf-Chase, G.; O'Linger, J.
243 Giant Molecular Outflows in the L1448 Class 0 Cluster 335 Barsony, M.; Wolf-Chase, G. A.; O'Linger, J.
357 Young Stellar Objects in the Spitzer Galactic First Look Survey Toward L1188 129 Stolovy, S.; Karr, J.; Ramirez, S.; Rebull, L.; Carey, S.; Lowrance, P.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; O'Linger, J.; Padgett, D.; Wachter, S.