Omelchenko, Y.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
359 Self-adaptive Event-Driven Simulations of Multi-Scale Plasma Systems 171 Omelchenko, Y.; Karimabadi, H.; Goldstein, M.L.; Usmanov, A.V.
359 Global Hybrid Simulations of the Earth's Magnetosphere 257 Karimabadi, H.; Vu, H.X.; Krauss-Varban, D.; Omelchenko, Y.
444 Petascale Global Kinetic Simulations of The Magnetosphere and Visualization Strategies for Analysis of Very Large Multi-Variate Data Sets 281 Karimabadi, H.; Loring, B.; Vu, H. X.; Omelchenko, Y.; Tatineni, M.; Majumdar, A.; Ayachit, U.; Geveci, B.