Ota, N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
237 Iron Emission Line from the Galaxy Cluster Including the Lensing Radio Galaxy 3C220.1 at z = 0.62 333 Ota, N.; Mitsuda, K.; Hattori, M.; Mihara, T.
251 Probing Distant Universe X-ray Sources with Gravitational Lensing 476 Oshima, T.; Mitsuda, K.; Ota, N.; Futamoto, K.; Hattori, M.; Yonehara, A.; Sekimoto, Y.; Mihara, T.; Ikebe, Y.; Kneib, J. P.; Miralles, J. M.
268 Cluster Structure in a Large Number of ROSAT and ASCA Clusters 423 Ota, N.; Mitsuda, K.
289 Chandra Spectroscopy and Mass Estimation of the Lensing Cluster of Galaxies CL0024+17 465 Ota, N.; Hattori, M.; Pointecouteau, E.; Mitsuda, K.