Oudmaijer, R.D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
317 The RMS Survey: A Systematic Search for Massive Young Stars in the Galaxy 156 Hoare, M.G.; Lumsden, S.L.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Busfield, A.L.; King, T.L.; Moore, T.L.J.
337 Spectroastrometry: A New Method for Direct Determination of Disc Kinematics 299 Porter, J.M.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Baines, D.
343 Spectropolarimetry of Young and Evolved Stars 227 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Davies, B.; Vink, J.S.; Drew, J.E.
343 Linear Line Polarimetry Modelling of Pre-main Sequence Stars 232 Vink, J.S.; Drew, J.E.; Harries, T.J.; Oudmaijer, R.D.
355 Spectro-Astrometry of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 99 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Baines, D.; Porter, J.M.; Pozzo, M.
355 The Clumpiness of LBV Winds 173 Davies, B.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Vink, J.S.
355 The Post-Red Supergiant IRC +10420 181 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Davies, B.; Dawson, F.; Lockett, O.; Mottram, J.C.; Patel, M.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.
387 The RMS Survey: A Galaxy-wide Sample of Massive Young Stellar Objects 381 Urquhart, J.S.; Hoare, M.G.; Lumsden, S.L.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Moore, T.J.T.
412 Post-Red Supergiants 17 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Davies, B.; de Wit, W.-J.; Patel, M.
508 The Jet from MWC 137 Points at a Supergiant B[e] Star in a Binary 267 Mehner, A.; de Wit, W.J.; Groh, J.H.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Baade, D.; Rivinius, Th.; Selman, F.; Boffin, H.M.J.; Martayan, C.