Qian, S.-B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
362 Search for Close Binary Stars during Different Key Stages of the Evolutionary Track from Detached to Overcontact Configurations 63 Qian, S.-B.; Soonthornthum, B.; Zhu, L.-Y; He, J.-J.; Yuan, J.-Z.; Dai, Z.-B.; Liu, L.; Zhang, J.; Liao, W.-P.
482 O-C Diagrams Analysis of Contact Binary Stars 89 Liao, W.-P.; Qian, S.-B.; He, J.-J.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Liu, L.
482 Searching for Substellar Objects around HW Vir-like Binaries 101 Zhu, L.-Y.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhao, E.-G.; Liao, W.-P.; Liu, L.; He, J.-J.; Zola, S.
482 Preliminary Photometric Solutions of K-type Contact Binaries: RV Canes Venatici and V1799 Orion 163 Liu, N.; Qian, S.-B.; Leung, K.-C.
482 Dark-Spot Activity on the Secondary as the Origin of Variable Mass Accretion in Cataclysmic Variables 171 Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Lajús, E. F.; He, J.-J.; Liao, W.-P.; Zhao, E.-G.; Liu, L.; Yang, Y.-G.
496 The Concept of Few-Parameter Modeling of Eclipsing Binary and Exoplanet Transit Light Curves 176 Mikulášek, Z.; Zejda, M.; Pribulla, T.; Vavnko, M.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.
496 Extremely Short-Period Contact Binaries 200 Zhu, L.-Y.; Qian, S.-B.; Jiang, L.-Q.; Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Zhao, E. G.
496 Near-Contact Binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud 223 Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Wolf, M.; Zasche, P.; Janík, J.; Liška, J.; Skarka, M.
496 Planets and Brown Dwarfs Orbiting Evolved Binaries 388 Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Liao, W.-P.; Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Lajús, E. F.; Zola, S.; Zhou, X.; Han, Z.-T.