Quillen, A. C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
91 Estimating The Gravitational Potential from IR Images 390 Quillen, A. C.
182 NICMOS Images of the Cores of the Radio Galaxies M84 and NGC 4261 138 Quillen, A. C.
182 Heavy Bars and Light Spirals -- Taking Advantage of Asymmetries in Galaxies 251 Quillen, A. C.
230 The Saturation of Disk Heating in the Solar Neighborhood and Evidence for a Merger 9 Gyr Ago 87 Quillen, A. C.; Garnett, D. R.
230 HST/NICMOS Observations of Nearby Starburst Galaxies 499 Alonso-Herrero, A.; Rieke, M. J.; Rieke, G. H.; Engelbracht, C. W.; Quillen, A. C.; Kelly, D. M.