Uchida, K. I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
102 CS (J=2-1) Observations of the SGR B Complex and FIR 21 60 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Uchida, K. I.; Mehringer, D. M.; Roberts, D.; Nyman, L.-A.; Casement, S.; Lindqvist, M.
102 The Interaction of the G359.54+0.18 Nonthermal Filaments with the Ambient Medium 447 Staguhn, J.; Stutzki, J.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Uchida, K. I.
217 Spectral Line On-The-Fly Mapping at the SMTO 203 Muders, D.; Peters, W. L.; Butner, H. M.; Gensheimer, P. D.; Wilson, T. L.; Uchida, K. I.; Kramer, C.; Tieftrunk, A. R.