Veenboer, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
521 Characterising Radio Telescope Software With the Workload Characterisation Framework 683 Grange, Y. G.; Lakhoo, R.; Petschow, M.; Wu, C.; Veenboer, B.; Emsley, I.; Dijkema, T. J.; Mechev, A. P.; Mariani, G.
527 Estimating Continuous Direction-dependent Gain Screens from Radio Interferometric Visibilities and a Large Skymodel 603 van der Tol, S.; Veenboer, B.; Offringa, A.; D.Rafferty; Mevius, M.; Dijkema, T. J.
527 ASTRON Computing Research and Development 755 Jansen, W.; Boonstra, A. J.; Broekema, P. C.; Coolen, A. X. C.; Dijkema, T. J.; Loose, G. M.; Mevius, M.; Pandey, V. N.; Romein, J. W.; Tol, S.; Veenboer, B.; Yatawatta, S.
527 Accelerating Scientific Discoveries in the Modern Hardware Landscape 769 Grange, Y. G.; Oonk, J. B. R.; Dolas, S.; Gunst, A.; Veenboer, B.