Vlasiouk, V. V.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
71 Study of Central Regions of AGNs at 6-meter Telescope 261 Afanasiev, V. L.; Shapovalova, A. I.; Burenkov, A. N.; Dodonov, S. N.; Vlasiouk, V. V.
71 First Observations with Multi-Pupil Integral Field Spectrograph on 4-Meter Mayall Telescope 266 Afanasiev, V. L.; Vlasiouk, V. V.; Green, R. F.
71 Bidimensional Spectroscopy with the 6-meter Telescope in Time Resolving Mode 276 Afanasiev, V. L.; Dodonov, S. N.; Drabek, S. V.; Vlasiouk, V. V.
71 Reduction of 3D Spectral Data Obtained with the 6-meter Telescope 308 Vlasiouk, V. V.