Xanthopoulos, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
237 VLA 8.4 GHz Monitoring Observations of CLASS Gravitational Lens B1933+503 79 Browne, I. W. A.; Xanthopoulos, E.; Biggs, A. D.; Norbury, M.
237 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the JVAS Gravitational Lens System B1030+074 but were Afraid to Ask 109 Xanthopoulos, E.; Browne, I. W. A.; Wilkinson, P. N.; Jackson, N. J.; Karidis, A.; Porcas, R. W.; Patnaik, A. R.; Koopmans, L. V. E.; Marlow, D. R.
237 Measuring H0 with CLASS B1608+656: The Second Season of VLA Monitoring 121 Fassnacht, C. D.; Xanthopoulos, E.; Koopmans, L. V. E.; Pearson, T. J.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Myers, S. T.