Xie, G. Z.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 The Relativistic Beaming Model and Superluminal Motions 74 Fan, J. H.; Xie, G. Z.; Zhang, Y. H.; Qin, Y. P.
113 Discovery of Five New X-ray-Selected BL Lacertae Objects and Three New Quasars 423 Xie, G. Z.; Brinkmann, W.; Cha, G. W.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S.; Zhang, Y. H.; Li, K. H.; Bai, J. M.; Liu, F. K.
159 Long-term Variation of AGNs 99 Fan, J. H.; Xie, G. Z.; Adam, G.; Copin, Y.; Lin, R. G.; Bai, J. M.; Quin, Y. P.