Yoon, T. S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
38 Quadrature Emission in the Algol RW Tauri 343 Honeycutt, R. K.; Vesper, D. N.; Yoon, T. S.; White, J. C.
246 Search for Variable Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 2539 211 Choo, K. J.; Kim, S.-L.; Yoon, T. S.; Chun, M.-Y.; Sung, H.; Park, B.-G.; Ann, H.B.; Lee, M.G.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Yuk, I.-S.
482 Near-infrared Photometric Study on HBC 722 after its Outburst 49 Park, W.-K.; Sung, H.-I.; Yang, Y.; Lee, S.-G.; Yoon, T. S.; Lee, J.-E.; Kang, W.; Park, K.-H.; Cho, D.-H.; Park, S.