Yuan, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 Parameter Space of Shock Formation in Adiabatic Flows 72 Lu, Ju-Fu; Yu, K. N.; Yuan, F.; Young, E. C. M.
373 Advection-dominated Accretion: From Sgr A* to Other Low-luminosity AGNs 95 Yuan, F.
427 Revisiting the “Fundamental Plane” of Black Hole Activity at Extremely Low Luminosities 36 Yuan, F.; Yu, Z.; Ho, L. C.
427 A Magnetohydrodynamical Model for the Formation of Episodic Jets 135 Yuan, F.; Lin, J.; Wu, K.; Ho, L. C.
439 Accretion and Ejection in Sgr A* 346 Yuan, F.
439 X-ray Iron Line Emission From Sagittarius A* 434 Ji, L.; Baganoff, F. K.; Dong, H.; Yuan, F.