Yuan, W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 ROSAT Observations of Radio Quasars: Unification of Flat and Steep-Spectrum Sources? 475 Yuan, W.; Brinkmann, W.; Siebert, J.
251 Gas Slit Camera of MAXI Experiment on ISS/JEM 566 Mihara, T.; Kawai, N.; Yoshida, A.; Negoro, H.; Sakurai, I.; Matsuoka, M.; Ueno, S.; Sugizaki, M.; Shirasaki, Y.; Yuan, W.; Tsunemi, H.; Miyata, E.
251 Simulations of Observations of the Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) on the International Space Station 604 Yuan, W.; Matsuoka, M.; Shirasaki, Y.; Ueno, S.; Tomida, H.; Kawai, N.; Yoshida, A.; Mihara, T.; Negora, H.; Tsunemi, H.; Miyata, E.
373 Broad-line AGNs with Candidate Intermediate-mass Black Holes in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 57 Dong, X.; Wang, T.; Yuan, W.; Zhou, H.; Shan, H.; Wang, H.; Lu, H.; Zhang, K.
373 Metal-enriched Outflows and Dusty Starburst in the Type II Quasar Q 1321+058 331 Wang, T.-G.; Zhou, H.; Lu, H.; Yuan, W.; Shan, H.; Dong, X.
373 Systematic Study of a Large Sample of NLS1 Galaxies from SDSS: First Results 529 Yuan, W.; Zhou, H.; Wang, T.; Dong, X.; Lu, H.; Wang, J.; Lu, Y.; Fan, L.; Dou, L.
373 BL Lac Objects in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 741 Gupta, A.C.; Yuan, W.; Dong, X.; Ji, T.; Zhou, H.-Y.; Bai, J.M.