Yudin, R.V.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
337 Magnetic Fields of B and Herbig Ae Stars Measured with FORS1 at the VLT 236 Hubrig, S.; Szeifert, T.; North, P.; Schoeller, M.; Yudin, R.V.
337 Circumstellar Discs Around Herbig Ae/Be and Vega-type Stars and Local Magnetic Fields 342 Yudin, R.V.
343 Statistical Analysis of Intrinsic Polarization Distributions of Classical Be Stars 384 Yudin, R.V.
361 A Search for Magnetic Fields in Be Stars with FORS 1 at the VLT 536 Yudin, R.V.; Hubrig, S.; Schoeller, M.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S.; Pogodin, M.; Peters, G.