Yushchenko, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
362 Interplay between Diffusion, Accretion and Nuclear Reactions in the Atmospheres of Sirius and Przybylski’s Star 46 Yushchenko, A.; Gopka, V.; Goriely, S.; Lambert, D.; Shavrina, A.; Kang, Y.W.; Rostopchin, S.; Valyavin, G.; Lee, B.-C.; Kim, C.
362 Chemical Composition of Several Pulsating Variable Stars of the λ Boo and δ Sct Types 249 Gopka, V.; Yushchenko, A.; Kim, C.; Lambert, D.; Rostopchin, S.; Kim, S.-L.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Dorokhova, T.; Tarasov, A.; Chernyshova, I.
482 Signs of Accretion in Stellar Abundance Patterns 3 Yushchenko, A.; Kang, Y. W.; Doikov, D.; Raikov, A.
482 Spectroscopic Analysis of Planetary Host Stars 9 Rittipruk, P.; Yushchenko, A.; Kang, Y. W.