de Jager, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
22 Non-Spherical Envelopes and Flows (Invited Paper) 400 de Jager, C.
154 The Variable Spectrum of the Yellow Hypergiant rho Cassiopeiae 1601 Israelian, G.; Lobel, A.; de Jager, C.; Musaev, F.
233 Will HR8752 become a P Cygni type star? 191 de Jager, C.; Lobel, A.; Israelian, G.; Nieuwenhuijzen, H.
233 The photosphere of P Cygni 215 de Jager, C.
470 The Utrecht Astronomical Institute, 1632 to 2012 15 de Jager, C.
470 Final words 441 de Jager, C.