de Oliveira, C. M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
421 Massive Compact Groups at z∼0.2: Are They the Precursors of Today’s Fossil Groups? 249 Carrasco, E. R.; de Oliveira, C. M.
421 The Luminosity Function of Galaxies in Elliptical- dominated Groups: Clues on the Nature of Fossil Groups 263 de Oliveira, R. L.; de Oliveira, C. M.; Dupke, R.; Sodré, L.; Cypriano, E.
421 Isolated Pairs of Galaxies in SDSS 289 Santos, W. A.; de Novais, P. M.; Sodré, L. Jr.; de Oliveira, C. M.
421 The K-band Tully-Fisher Relation for Compact Groups 293 Torres-Flores, S.; de Oliveira, C. M.; Amram, P.; Plana, H.
434 Illusion - A Fabry-Perot Data-Cube Synthesizer 382 Quint, B. C.; Taylor, K.; Ferrari, F.; de Oliveira, C. M.; Muramatsu, M.