de Wit, W. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
287 Massive Pre-Main Sequence Candidate Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud 198 de Wit, W. J.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.; Brillant, S.
464 Unveiling the Structure and Kinematics of B[e] Stars' Disks From FEROS and CRIRES Spectra 67 Muratore, M. F.; de Wit, W. J.; Kraus, M.; Aret, A.; Cidale, L. S.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Oudmaijer, R. D.; Wheelwright, H. E.
464 CPD–52 9243: Circumstellar Dust and Gas Properties Derived from Interferometric and Spectroscopic Data\footnotemark 323 Cidale, L. S.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Andruchow, I.; Kraus, M.; Chesneau, O.; Kanaan, S.; Arias, M. L.; Curé, M.; de Wit, W. J.; Muratore, M. F.
464 Advances in Understanding Young High-Mass Stars Using Optical Interferometry 329 de Wit, W. J.