van Straten, W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
105 The S2 Baseband Processing System for Phase-coherent Pulsar Observations 21 Wietfeldt, R.; van Straten, W.; Rizzo, D. D.; Bartel, N.; Cannon, W.; Bailes, M.; Reynolds, J.; Wilson, W.
202 High Precision Timing of PSR J0437-4715 73 Britton, M. C.; van Straten, W.; Bailes, M.; Toscano, M.; Manchester, R. N.
302 Annual-orbital Parallax and Nearby Binary Pulsars 65 van Straten, W.; Bailes, M.
302 The Scintillation Velocity of PSR J1141-6545 89 Ord, S. M.; Bailes, M.; van Straten, W.
302 High Time Resolution Observations of the Vela Pulsar 175 Johnston, S.; Cairns, I. H.; Kramer, M.; van Straten, W.; Bailes, M.
328 Polarimetric Pulse Profile Modeling: Applications to High-Precision Timing and Instrumental Calibration 383 van Straten, W.
512 Pulsar Timing Instrumentation for the SKA 441 Barr, E. D.; Jameson, A.; Morrison, I.; van Straten, W.