Title: Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: New Results in Spectral Line Astrophysics
Volume: 16 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Haschick, Aubrey D.; Ho, Paul T. P.
ISBN: 0-937707-35-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-352-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
An HI' View of the Universe 1 van Gorkom, J.
Molecules in External Galaxies 7 Lo, K.-Y.
Molecular Gas and Triggers of Star Formation in Galaxies: Spiral Arms; Bars and Mergers 19 Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.; Ishizuki, S.; Okumura, S. K.; Kasuga, T.; Morita, K.-L.; Tosaki, T.
(CII) 158 a M Line Images of Spiral Galaxies 29 Stacey, G.; Geis, N.; Jackson, J. M.; Poglitsch, A.
Disrupted HI Environment Around M82 35 Yun, M. S.; Ho, P. T. P.; Lo, K.-Y.
Molecular Clouds as Tracers of Galactic Spiral Structure 43 Dame, T. M.
Active Nuclei and Molecular Megamasers 45 Baan, W. A.
A 13 CM Recombination Line Survey of the Southern Galaxy 57 Gaylard, M. J.
Nature of Megamasers 63 Burdyuzha, V. V.
Periodic Variations of the Extragalactic H2O Maser in NGC 4258A. D. 67 Haschick, Aubrey David; Baan, W. A.
Water Maser Variability in Mira Variables 73 Little Marenin, L. R.; Benson, P. J.
Detection of Local CO Absorption Toward BL Lac:A Probe of AU-Scale Structure in Molecular Clouds 79 Marscher, A. P.; Bania, T. M.; Wang, Z.
Frequency Dependence of SiO Maser Polarization 83 McIntosh, A. C.; Predmore, C. R.
Properties of H20 Masers from Arcetri Atlas 89 Tofani, A.; Brand, J.; Catarzi, M.; Comoretto, A.; Giovanardi, C.; Felli, M.; Massi, M.; Palla, F.; Palagi, F.; Cesaroni, R.
Recent Progress in Molecular Spectroscopy of Evolved Star Envelopes 95 95 Bieging, J. H.
High Mass Star Formation Regions 105 Jaffe, D. T.
HIl Region/Molecular Cloud Interfaces 115 Stutzki, J.
Methanol Masers and Submillimeter WavelengthWater Masers in Star-Forming Regions 119 Menten, K.
Massive Star Formation in Outer Galaxy Molecular Clouds 137 Snell, R. L.; Carpenter, J. M.; Schloerb, F. P.
Molecular Gas Surrounding the Galactic Center 143 Szczepanski, J. C.; Ho, P. T. P.; Gusten, R.
Massive Stellar Wind-Molecular Cloud Interactions D. 0.5. 153 Wood; Churchwell, E.; MacLow, M.-M.; van Buren, D.
First Results from a Composite Large-Scale CO Survey at High 159 Galactic Latitudes in the Second Quadrant 159 Heithausen, A.; Stacy, J. A.; Thaddeus, P.
Excitation of Millimeter and Submillimeter Water Masers in Warm Astrophysical Gas 163 Neufeld, D. A.; Melnick, G. J.
NOC 7538 IRS 1: Subarcsecond Resolution Recombination Lineand 15 NH3 Maser Observations 171 Gaume, R. A.; Johnston, K. J.; Nguyen, H. A.; Wilson, T. L.; Dickel, H. R.; Goss, W. M.; Wright, M. C. H.
A Molecular Shell Surrounding the Galactic Center 177 Ho, L. C.; Szczepanski, J. C.; Ho, P. T. P.; Jackson, J. M.; Armstrong, J. T.
A Hydrodynamical Model for the Fragmentation of the W49A Star-Forming Region 183 Keto, E.; Lattanzio, J.; Monaghan, J.
High Resolution Observations of NGC 7538 IRS 1 in theJ=1@O Transition of 13C0 185 Pratap, P.; Snyder, L. E.; Batrla, W.
Millimeter Wavelength Molecular Maps of the Clumped Gas Around SGR B2(OH) 191 Snyder, L. E.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Pratap, P.
A CO Survey of the GEM 0B1/1C443 Molecular Cloud Complex 197 Stacy, J. A.; Thaddeus, P.
A Comparative Study of Protostellar Cores in L1641 and Taurus-Auriga 203 Strom, K. M.; Strom, L. E.
Ammonia Observations of Stellar Nurseries 215 Benson, P. J.
Formation and Dispersal of Molecular Cloud Cores 223 Hayashi, M.; Hasegawa, T.; Ohashi, N.; Sunada, K.; Kawabe, R.; Fukul, Y.
Structure and Kinematics of NH3 Cores in G10.6.4 233 Cool, A. M.; Ho, P. T. P.
The Anomaly of AB Aurigae: Big Star in a Land of Small Cores 241 Ladd, E. F.; Myers, P. C.
The Optical' Emission Line Spectrum of Herbig-Haro Objects and Its Interpretation 247 Raga, A. C.
Radio Continuum and Molecular Line Observations Toward Herbig-Haro Objects 257 Torrelles, J. M.
Extremely High Velocity Molecular Gas Near HH7-11 269 Koo, B.-C.
HI in the HH7-11 and NGC 1333 Regions 273 Rodriguez, L. F.; Lizano, S.; Canto, J.; Escalante, V.
VLA Observations of the High-Density Gas Mound the Exciting Source of HH34N-S 279 Anglada, G.; Estalella, R.; Rodriguez, L. F.; Torrelles, J. M.; Canto, J.; Ho, P. T. P.
CS Mapping of Regions Around Outflow Sources 285 Estalella, R.; Lopez, R.; Anglada, G.; Buj, J.; Pastor, J.; Planesas, P.
Radio Observations of HH Objects in GGD-37 291 Hughes, V. A.
Mass Stars 297 Ladd, E. F.; Fuller, A. A.; Myers, P. C.; Stacy, J. A.; Benson, P. J.; Goodman, A. A.
The Extremely High Velocity CO Flow in HH 7-11 303 Masson, C. R.; Mundy, L. A.; Keene, J.
Deuterium in the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds 305 Walmsley, C. M.; Jacq, T.
Methanol in Space and in the Laboratory 313 Herbst, E.
Observational Implications of Protostellar Collapse and Accretion Models 323 Boss, A. P.
Magnetic Fields: A Photo Essay 333 Goodman, A. A.
Laboratory and Astronomical Spectroscopy of NewInterstellar Molecules 349 Saito, S.
Circumstellar Winds from Red Giants 363 Lewis, B. M.
Kinetic Temperature Structure in Circumstellar Envelopes 369 Kastner, J. H.
A Measurement of the Stellar Size of W Hya and theLocation of Its H20 Maser Emission 375 Reid, M. J.; Menten, K.
BIMA and VLA Observations of S106 381 Crutcher, R.; Loushin, R.; Bieging, J.; Troland, T. H.
The Ortho to Para Ratio for Ketene in TMC-1 387 Ohishi, M.; Kawaguchi, K.; Kaifu, N.; Irvine, W. M.; Minh, Y. C.; Yamamoto, S.; Saito, S.
Proper Motions and Magnetic Fields in W3(OH) 393 Bloemhof, E. E.; Reid, M. J.; Moran, J. M.
Leptonic Atoms (Positronium and Muonium) in Astrophysical Objects 399 Burdyuzha, V. V.; Kauts, V. L.; Yudin, N. P.
H20 and SiO Masers in OH/IR Stars 403 Gomez, Y.; Moran, J. M.; Rodriguez, L. F.
Interstellar HNO: Confirming the Identification 407 Hollis, J. M.; Snyder, L. E.; Ziurys, L. M.; McGonagle, D.
Modeling the SiO Masers 413 Lockett, P.; Elitzur, M.
The Comparability of Water Maser Emission and the Visible Light Curve in T Virginis 417 Woods, T. C.; Little Marenin, L.; Benson, P. J.
The Nobeyama Millimeter Mray and Its Future Plan 421 Ishiguro, M.
Millimeter-Wave Receivers for Radioastronomy 423 Blundell, R.
The Haystack 3mm Upgrade 437 Barvainis, R.; Ball, J. A.; Ingalis, R. P.; Antebi, J.; Zarghamee, M.
The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite 439 Melnick, A. J.; Dalgarno, A.; Fazio, A. A.; Stauffer, J.; Thaddeus, P.; Erickson, N. R.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Snell, R. L.; Hollenbach, D. J.; Harwit, M.; Koch, D. A.; Neufeld, D. A.; Winnewisser, A. F.; Schieder, R.
The MPE/UCB Far-Infrared Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FIFI) 451 Poglitsch, A.; Beeman, J. W.; Geiz, N.; Genzel, R.; Haggerty, M.; Hailer, E. E.; Jackson, J.; Rumitz, M.; Stacey, A. J.; Townes, C. H.