Title: Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris
Volume: 17 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Crawford, David L.
ISBN: 0-937707-36-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-353-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introduction to the Issues 1 Crawford, D. L.
Light Pollution -- A Problem for Us All 7 Crawford, D. L.
Earth at Night: an Image of the Nighttime Earth Based on Cloud-free Satellite Photographs 11 Sullivan, W. T.
Outdoor Lighting in Tucson: A Photo Record 18 Robinson, W. T.
Sky Brightness at Kitt Peak National Observatory 19 Pilachowski, C.; Africano, J. L.; Goodrich, B. D.; Binkert, W. S.
Sky Preservation at Palomar Observatory 20 Brucato, R.
Light Trespass Contermeasures 25 Schreuder, D. A.
Environmental Conditions of Chinese Astronomical Observatories, Past, Present, and Future 33 Jiang, S. Y.
Note on Mercury Light Pollution Spectroscopic Observations 34 Huang, C.
Organized Observations of Night Sky Brightness in Japan 35 Kosai, H.; Isobe, S.
Light Pollution at the Astronomical Observatories in Mexico 45 Costero, R.
Pollution and Pollution Control in the Third World 48 Stock, J.; Marin, Z.
Outdoor Lighting Effects on Moths 51 Frank, K.
Past and Present Studies Relating to Urban Sky Glow 52 Walker, M.
Light Pollution Modeling 56 Garstang, R.
A System Simulation Approach for the Control of Stray Electric Light 70 McGowan, T.; Hibbs, J.
Software Tools for Engineering Dark Skies 71 Smith, M.; Dilaura, D.
The Effect of Public Lighting on Sky Glow 77 Cunnan, J. M. L.
Publicizing Light Pollution and Its Cures 78 Schaaf, F.; Kurczewski, R.
The Measurement of Light Pollution and the Population of Cities 79 Upgren, A.
Light Trespass 85 Tanner, A.
The Economics of Light Pollution 89 Hunter, T.; Crawford, D.
The Relighting of Kalispell, Montana 97 Westpfahl, D.
Big Island Cities at Night 98 Westpfahl, D.
120 HZ Variations in Sky Brightness Over Vancouver, B.C. 99 Crabtree, D.; Westpfahl, D.; Richer, H.
City of Portland Conversion to Cut-off Fixtures 100 Hughes, W.
The Disappearance of Darkness 101 Sperling, N.
The Impact of Light Pollution on Amateur Astronomy and Public Awareness of the Night Sky 109 Chester, J.
The International Dark-Sky Association 110 Hunter, T.; Crawford, D.; Howell, L.; Knauss, D.
Overview of the Space Debris Issue 113 Kessler, D. J.
Side effects of space debris on astronomical observation 115 Maley, Paul D.
SMM coronagraph observations of particulate contamination 126 St. Cyr, O. C.; Warner, T.
The Threat to Astronomy by Space Art 139 Murdin, P.
In Defense of Space Art: The Role of the Artist in Space Exploration 145 Malina, R.
Observations of space debris 153 Taff, L. G.
Space Object Traffic Control 165 Knowles, S. H.
The use of meteor radars in the detection of infalling space debris 166 Olsson-Steel, D. I.; Elford, W. G.
Spectrum Management and the RH Situation in the U.S.A. 175 Price, M.
The National Radio Quiet Zone and the Green Bank RH Situation 176 Sizemore, W.
An RH Survey of Central Ohio 181 Dixon, R.; Ellington, S.; Koch, R.
Electronic Smog in Europe 188 Kahlmann, H.
Protection of Passive Bands in Australia, India, and Japan 189 Robinson, B. J.
RH Survey for a Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope for India 190 Swarup, G.; Venkatasubramani, T.
U.C.A.F. and Frequencies for Radioastronomy 194 Findlay, J. I.
Detection of Radio Frequency Interference from Space 198 Howard, W. E.
How Geostar Radiodetermination Technology Minimizes Interference to Radioastronomy 201 Rothblatt, M.
Coordination Between the Radioastronomy Service and the Radiodetermination Satellite Service in the 1612 MHz Band 205 Thompson, A. R.
Interference with Astronomical Observations of OH Masers from the Soviet Union's GLONASS Satellites 213 Galt, J.
Effects of RFI on Solar Microwave Bursts Observed with High Time Resolution 222 Luo, X.
RH Survey Over the 1.0 to 10.4 GHz Frequency Range at the Goldstone Venus Tracking Station 228 Gulkis, S.; Olsen, E.; Klein, M.; Jackson, E.
The Nature of RH and Some Lines of Defense 240 Fisher, J. R.
Reduction of Interference in Observations with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope 249 Spoelstra, T.
Estimating Harmful Levels of Radio Frequency Interference 258 Crane, P.; Hillenbrand, L.
Interference Problems and Radio Astronomy in the U.K. 267 Cohen, R. J.
As Bad as Things Are for Radio Astronomy in the Protected Bands -- They Are Worse for SETI 273 Tarter, J.
Radio Astronomy and the CCIR Process 288 Pankonin, V.
Radio Astronomy at the WARC MOB-87 296 Gergely, T.
Protection of Omniwavelength Radio-astronomy and Preventing Radio Pollution of Space 305 Doubinskij, B. A.
Legal Defense of Radioastronomy 310 Ennis, J.
Pollution of Geophysical Sites 321 Kovalevsky, J.
Heat from Large Buildings and the Effects upon Astrometric Observations 326 Hughes, J.; Kodres, C. A.
Summary Paper 329 van den Bergh, S.