Title: Automated Telescopes for Photometry and Imaging
Volume: 28 Year: 1992 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Adelman, Saul J.; Dukes, Robert J., Jr.; Adelman, Carol J.
ISBN: 0-937707-47-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-364-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introduction 1 N/A
Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes: Past, Present, and Future 3 Genet, Russell M.
Performance Evaluation of Two Automatic Telescopes After Eight Years 13 Hall, Douglas S.; Henry, Gregory W.
Management of the PHOENIX 10 Rent-a-Star APT 17 Seeds, Michael A.
Report from the Four College Consoritium 21 Dukes, Robert J., Jr.; Adelman, Saul J.; Pyper, Diane M.; McCook, George P.; Guinan, Edward F.
A Low Cost Prototype APT Working in the Southern Hemisphere 41 Loudon, M.; Priestly, J.; Budding, E.
Infrared Variable Star Observing from the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory 49 Milone, E. F.; Babott, F. M.; Clark, T. A.; Dougherty, S. M.; Fry, D. J. L.; Himer, J. T.; Leahy, D. A.; Taylor, A. R.; Ananth, A. G.
Robotic Photometry and Precision: Our Experiences Over Four Years 57 Sterken, C.; Manfrold, J.
High Precision Photometry: an Automated Station Project with Three 1-m Telescopes 67 Querci, Francois R.; Querci, Monique
High-Precision Photometry 73 Young, Andrew T.
Some Thoughts on an Automated Imaging Telescope 91 Philip, A. G. Davis; Hayes, D. S.
Automated CCD Variable Star Photometry at the Behlen Observatory 101 Schmidt, Edward G.
The University of Victoria Conversion from Photoelectroc Photometry to CCD Imaging 105 Robb, Russell; Honkanen, Heil
The SARA KITT Peak 0.9-m Telescope Project 111 Oswalt, T. D.; Rafert, J. B.; Wood, M. A.; Castelaz, M. W.; Collins, L. F.; Henson, G. D.; Powell, H. D.; Caillault, J.-P.; Shaw, J. S.; Magnani, L.; Leake, M. A.; Marks, D. W.; Rumstay, K. S.
GNAT: Global Network of Automated Telescopes 123 Crawford, David L.
The 0.4--Meter South Pole Optical Telescope Project 129 Chen, Kwan-Yu; Wood, Frank Brandshaw; Jiang, Shu-Yang; Zhang, Ji-Tong; Mao, Tong-Sheng; Chen, Pei-Sheng; Yang, Yu-Lang; Martins, Donald H.; Yang, Zheng-Hua
Automatic Direct Imaging and Photometric Telescopes in Australia 135 Carter, B. D.; Bernbrick, C.; Moore, K. G.; Zealey, W.; Blair, D. G.; Burman, T.; Williams, A.; Tsang, C. P.; Evans, M.; Lynch, M. J.; Zadnik, M.; Forster, D.; Dai, X.; Koch, R.; Candy, M.; Birch, P.; Martin, R.; Verveer, A.; Coates, D. W.; Thompson, K.; Stewart, R. T.; Jones, K. L.; O'Mara, B. J.; Page, A. A.; Ross, J. E.; Avery, H. P.; Mottram, K.
Bakirlitepe: A Good Site for an Optical Observatory in Turkey 143 Aslan, Zeki; Muyesseroglu, Zekeriya
The Case for Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes Using High Speed Photometers 149 Trueblood, Mark
Automatic Spectrophotometric Telescopes: A Concept Whose Time is Coming 159 Adelman, Saul J.
Small Automated Telescopes for Teaching and Research 171 Adelman, Saul J.; Dukes, Robert J., Jr.