Title: Massive Stars: Their Lives in the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 35 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Cassinelli, Joseph P.; Churchwell, Edward B.
ISBN: 0-937707-54-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-371-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Photocells; Hot Stars and Spiral Arms 3 Code, Arthur D.
Formation and Early Evolution of Young Massive Stars 15 Welch, Wm. J.
Photoevaporation of Disks Around Massive Stars and Ultracompact HH Regions 26 Hollenbach, D.; Johnstone, D.; Shu, F.
Observations of Newly Formed Massive Stars 35 Churchwell, Ed
The Formation of Massive Stars Recent Theoretical Results 45 Yorke, Harold W.
Circumstellar Disks Associated with the Formation of Low to High Mass Stars 56 Adams, Fred C.
Star Formation with Nonthermal Motions 70 Myers, P. C.; Fuller, G. A.
Embedded Stellar Clusters in H III Regions 80 McCaughrean, Mark
Anatomy of the GEM OB1 Molecular Cloud Complex 90 Carpenter, John M.; Snell, Ronald L.; Schloerb, F. Peter
A Multi-Transition Study of CS in Regions of Massive Star Formation 93 Plume, Rene; Jaffe, Dan; Evans, Neal J., II; Martin-Pintado, Jesus; Gomez-Gonzalez, Jesus
Stellar Wind Acceleration of Atomic Gas from a Dissolving Molecular Cloud? 96 Leisawitz, David; de Geus, Eugene
A Milky Way Concordance 99 Barnes, Peter J.; Myers, Philip C.
A Search for intermediate Mass Star-Forming Regions Within One KPC of the Sun 102 Barnes, Peter J.; Myers, Philip C.
Large-Scale Mapping of Dense Cores in the Cocoon Nebula; IC 5146 105 Barnes, Peter J.; Myers, Philip C.; Heyer, Mark
Bipolar Molecular Outflow from a Massive Star: High Resolution Observations of G5.89-0.39 108 Wood, Douglas O. S.
High-Velocity Absorption Features Toward Evolved Massive Stars 111 Hanson, Margaret M.
Compact Ammonia Sources Toward the G10.5+0.0 Star Forming Region 114 Garay, Guido; Rodriguez, Luis F.; Moran, James M.
NH3 and H2O Masers: Star Formation in G9.62+0.19 117 Hofner, Peter; Kurtz, Stan; Churchwell, Ed
PIG's in the Trapezium 120 McCullough, P. R.; Fugate, R. Q.; Ellerbroek, B. L.; Higgins, C. H.; Spinhirne, J. M.; Moroney, J. F.; Cleis, R. A.
Far-Infrared Observations and Models of the W3-IRS5 Protostellar Cloud 123 Campbell, M. F.; Campbell, M. B.; Sabbey, C. N.; Harvey, P. M.; Lester, D. F.; Evans, N. J., II; Butner, H. M.; Oldham, P. G.; Richardson, K. J.; Griffin, M. J.; Sandell, G. H. L.
Molecular Line Observations of G34.3+0.2: A Case of Spin-Up Collapse? 126 Pahre, M. A.; Ho, P. T. P.; Reid, M. J.; Keto, E. R.; Proctor, D.
Star Formation in Photoevaporating Molecular Clouds 129 Bertoldi, Frank; McKee, Christopher P.; Klein, Richard I.
An investigation of Protostellar Disc Dispersal by Luminous Young Stellar Objects 132 Porter, John M.; Drew, Janet E.
Molecular Line Emission Models of Herbig-Haro Objects. HCO+ Emission 135 Wolfire, Mark; Konigl, Arieh
Embedded Star Clusters Associated with Luminous Far-infrared Sources 138 Snell, Ronald; Carpenter, John; Schloerb, F. Peter; Skrutskie, Mike
Identification of New Candidate Herbig Ae/Be Stars in Extremely Young Galactic Clusters: M8; M16; M17; M42; NGC 2264 141 Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Strom, Stephen E.; Merrill, K. Michael; Gatley, Ian
Formation of Massive Stars at the Edge of Our Galaxy 151 de Geus, Eugene J.; Rudolph, Alexander
Chemical Differentiation Between the Orion Hot Core and Compact Ridge 154 Caselli, P.; Hasegawa, T. I.; Herbst, E.
Massive Star Evolution 159 Langer, Norbert
The Massive Star Content of the Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds:Methods and Madness 168 Massey, Philip
The Most Luminous Stars - Ejections; Eruptions; and Explosions 179 Humphreys, Roberta M.
The Variety of Massive Stars of the Upper Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram:A Guide for the Perplexed 186 Shore, Steven N.
Mass Loss from Cool Supergiant Stars 199 Knapp, G. R.; Woodhams, Michael
Massive Runaway Stars 207 Blaauw, Adriaan
The Age Spread and Initial Mass Function of the Open Cluster NGC 6531 220 Forbes, Douglas
A Study of Orbital Circularization in A-Type Binaries 223 Matthews, Lynn D.; Mathieu, Robert D.
The Effects of Overshoot, Mass Loss, and Rotation on the Evolution of a 1.5 ME Star 225 Howard, Jamie M.
CNO Abundances in Three A-Supergiants 228 Venn, Kim
Mass Loss from Late-Type Supergiants 231 Woodhams, Michael
Spectral Indices of Wolf-Rayet Stars and the Infrared Excess 234 Morris, Patrick W.; Brownsberger, Kenneth; Conti, Peter; Vacca, William; Massey, Phil
Spectropolarimetry of the Luminous Blue Variables AG Carinae and R127 237 Schulte-Ladbeck, Regina E.; Clayton, Geoffrey C.; Meade, Marilyn R.
He3-519: Post-LBV; Proto-WR? 240 Hajian, Arsen; Davidson, Kris; Humphreys, Roberta
Relationships Between Luminous Blue Variable, Of; and Wolf-Rayet Stars 242 Underhill, Anne B.
OBN Stars and Blue Supergiant Supernovae 245 Langer, Norbert
Is the W-R System HD 5980 in the SMC Undergoing Outburst? 249 Koeningsberger, G.; Auer, L. H.; Cardona, O.; Drissen, L.; Moffatt, A. F. J.; St. Louis, N.; Seggewiss, W.
A 37-Day Period in the Peculiar WR Star RD 191765? 250 Moffatt, A. F. J.; Marchenko, S. V.
The Most Evolved Wolf-Rayet Stars 254 Eenens, P. R. J.
The Influence of Close Binary Evolution on the Theoretically Predicted Number Distribution or WR Stars in the Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds 257 Vanbeveren, D.; de Loore, C.
X-ray Variability in V444 Cygni - Evidence for Colliding Winds 260 Corcoran, M. F.; Shore, S. N.; Swank, J. H.; Heap, S. R.; Rawley, G. L.; Pollock, A. M.; Stevens, I.
Proper Motions of the N Condensations of Eta Carinae 263 Ebbets, Denris; Malumuth, Eliot; Davidson, Kris; White, Richard; Walborn, Nolan
Proper Motions; Membership; and Photometry of Clusters Near Eta Carinae 266 Cudworth, Kyle; Martin, Steve
Proper Motions of High-b OB Stars 269 Cudworth, K. M.; Benesohn, J.; Schweitzer, A. E.
IRC+10420:A Cool Hypergiant Near the Top of the HR Diagram 272 Jones, Terry Jay; Humphreys, Roberta M.; Gehrz, Robert D.; Lawrence, Geoffrey
Determination of Magnitude Differences an WC + ABS Systems 275 Brownsberger, Kenneth A.; Conti, Peter S.
The ISM Structures and the Early-Type Stars in Puppis-Vela 278 Sahu, M.; Blaauw, A.
Highly Polarized Stars in Cassiopeia 281 Corso, G. I.; Shatzel, A. V.; Lange, W. F.; Fox, R.
The Fall and Rise of HR 8752's [N II] Emission Strength from 1961-1991 283 Sheffer, Yaron
HI Bubbles Around O Stars 286 Cappa de Nicolau, C.; Niemela, V.; Benaglia, P.
An IUE Survey of Interstellar H I LY alpha Absorption 289 Diplas, Athanassios; Savage, Blair D.
Shocked Ionized Gas In the 30 Doradus Nebula 292 Rosa, Michael R.
Wind Mass and Energy Deposition 297 Castor, John I.
High Mass Loss Rate Red Supergiants: Do They Exhibit Nitrogen-Rich Chemistry? 307 Jura, M.
Stellar Wind Bow Shocks 315 van Buren, Dave
Hot Phases or the Interstellar Medium, Stellar Winds, Supernovae, and Turbulent Mixing Layers 327 Shull, J. Michael
The Radiative Ionization or the Interstellar Medium--The Warm Ionized Gas 338 Reynolds, Ronald J.
Star Giant Bubbles in M33 348 Oey, M. S.; Massey, P.
The Eridanus Soft X-ray Enhancement: A Nearby Hot Bubble 351 Burrows, David N.; Nousek, John A.; Garmire, Gordon P.; Singh, K. P.; Good, John
Wind-Blown Bubbles in Ejecta Medium 354 Garcia-Segura, Guillermo C.; MacLow, Mordecai-Mark
SI IV and C IV Absorption Toward sigma Ophiuchi at High Resolution: Evidence for Photoionized and Collisionally Ionized Gas 357 Sembach, Kenneth R.; Savage, Blair D.; Jenkins, Edward B.
New Surveys of Nebulae Around Wolf-Rayet Stars 360 Chu, You-Hua; Garcia-Segura, Guillermo; Dopita, Michael A.; Bell, J. F.; Lozinskaya, Tatiana A.; Marston, Anthony P.; Miller, Grant J.
Highly Ionized Gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud 363 Chu, You-Hua; Wakker, Bart; Garcia-Segura, Guillermo
Cold Ionized Gas Around Hot HII Regions 366 Onello, J. S.; Phillips, J. A.
The Initial Mass Function in the Outer Galaxy 370 Fich, Michel; Terebey, Susan
Mass, Momentum, and Energy from Massive Stars 373 Robert, Carmelle; Leitherer, Claus; Drissen, Laurent
Effects of Shock-Produced X-rays on the Ionization Balance in the Wind of epsilon ORI 376 Macfarlane, J. J.; Wolff, M.; Wang, P.
The Ring Around SN1987A and Its Constraints on the Post-Main-Sequence Evolution of the Supernova Progenitor 379 Martin, Crystal L.; Arnett, David
Radiation Driven Stellar Winds with Alfven Waves in Hot Stars 382 Dos Santos, L. C.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.; Opher, R.
Be Star Envelopes Driven by Optically Thin Lines 385 Chen, Haiqi; Marlborough, J. M.
He I Lines From the Winds of Luminous Young Stellar Objects 388 Hoare, Melvin G.
Supernova Expansion; Shocks; and Remnants 393 Chevalier, Roger A.
Late Stages in Supernova Remnant Evolution 402 Cox, Donald P.
Recent Developments in SN1987A 408 Elias, J. H.; Phillips, M. M.; Suntzeff, N. B.; Walker, A. R.; Gregory, B.; Depoy, D. L.
A Possible LBV in NGC 1313? 416 Schlegel, Eric M.; Colbert, Edward; Petre, Robert
An Old Supernova-Pulsar Association 419 Phillips, J. A.; Onello, J. S.
Recent H-alpha Echelle Observations of Cygnus X-1 423 Shanley, L. A.; Gallagher, J. S.; Koenigsberger, G.; Ruiz, E.; Vera, D.
Formation or the Circumstellar Shell Around SN 1987A 427 Blondin, John M.; Lundqvist, Peter
Circumstellar Interactions: Kepler's Supernova Remnant 430 Borkowski, Kazimiez J.; Blondin, John M.
Cold Bright Matter Near Supernova 1987A 433 Cumming, Robert J.; Meikle, W. Peter S.
Radio Supernovae and Massive Stellar Winds 436 Weiler, Kurt W.; van Dyk, Schuyler D.; Panagia, Nino; Sramek, Richard A.
Supernovae and Massive Star Formation Regions in Late-Type Galaxies 440 van Dyk, Schuyler D.; Hamuy, Mario
A Kinematic Search for Supernova Remnants in Giant Extragalactic H II Regions 443 Yang, Hui; Skillman, Evan
Wolf-Rayet Stars and Wolf-Rayet Galaxies 449 Conti, Peter S.
Starbursts in the Nearby Universe 463 Gallagher, John S., III
Giant HII Regions 473 Hodge, Paul
Unresolved Questions Regarding Massive Stars and Their Interaction with the ISM 483 Davidson, Kris
Powering the Superwind in NGC Z53 489 Watson, Alan; Gallagher, Jay; Merrill, Michael; Keppel, Jean; Phillips, Mark
Supergiant Stars and Star Clusters in the Starburst Irregular Galaxy, NGC 1569 492 Waller, William H.; Dracobly, Cheryl L.
Kinematics of Stars in the Nucleus of M82: The Nuclear Mass 495 Lester, Dan F.; Gaffney, Niall I.; Telesco, Charles M.
Obscuration Effects in Starburst Galactic Nuclei 498 Keel, William C.
Constraints on Starburst Models for Dwarf Galaxies Using HI Observations in the LSC 501 Matthews, Lynn D.; Galagher, John S., III; Littleton, John F.
Starburst Propagation in Dwarf Galaxies 505 Gibson, Steven J.; Gallagher, John S., III; Hunter, Deidre A.
Massive Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies 508 Ruotsalainen, Robert
The Effects of Energy Input from Massive Stars on the Interstellar Medium of Starburst Galaxies 511 Lehnert, Matthew D.
30 Doradus: The Stars; The ISM 514 Parker, Joel Wm.
The Eddington-Limit in Galaxies of Different Metallicities 517 Lamers, Henny J. G. L. M.; Noordhoek, Rene
Distant Massive Stars at Low Galactic Longitudes: Probes of the Interstellar Medium of the Inner Galaxy 522 Tripp, Todd M.; Sembach, Kenneth R.; Savage, Blair D.
A UV Study through the Complete Galactic Halo by the Analysis of HST-FOS Spectra of QSOs and AGNs 525 Burks, G. S.; Bariko, F.; Shull, M.; Stocke, J.; Sachs, E.; Burbidge, M.; Cohen, R.; Junkkarinen, V.; Harms, R.; Massa, D.
The Wolf-Rayet Content of NGC 595 and NGC 604: A View from HST 528 Drissen, Laurent; Moffat, Anthony F. J.; Shara, Michael M.
The Cubic Cosmic X-ray Background Experiment 531 Skinner, Mark A.; Burrows, David N.; Garmire, Gordon P.; Lumb, David H.; Nousek, John A.
Search for W-R features in a sample of 12 northern HII galaxies. 534 Robledo-Rella, V.; Conti, P. S.
Massive Stars and the Kinematics of Giant HII Regions 537 Castaneda, Hector O.
Massive Stars and Galactic Halos: Photoionization in the Halo of NGC 891 540 Sokolowski, James