Title: Fiber Optics in Astronomy II
Volume: 37 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gray, Peter M.
ISBN: 0-937707-56-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-373-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Multi-Object Spectroscopy at UCO/Lick Observatory 2 Brodie, J. P.; Epps, H. W.
The Multi-Object Fiber Feed "Spaltspinne" 20 Pitz, E.
Fiber-Optic Spectroscopy at the Las Campanas 2.5-meter Telescope 26 Shectman, S. A.
High Precision Fibre Positioning for the Prime Foci of 4-metre class Telescopes 36 Parry, I. R.; Sharples, R. M.; Lewis, I. J.; Gray, P. M.
2dF Positioner Investigations 51 Wilcox, J. K.
Assessing the Performance of ARGUS - CTIO's Multiple ObjectSpectrometer 76 Ingersoll, T. E.
Fibre Optics in Astronomical Instruments at ESO 90 Avila, G.; D'Odorico, S.
Calibration and Performance of the Automated Multi-Object Spectrometer (AMOS) 106 Craig, W. W.; Cook, K. H.; Hailey, C. J.; Brodie, J. P.
Working Systems in Fiber Optics on the BAO 2.16m Telescope 119 Wang, S.
Fiber Positioning System for the Digital Sky Survey 127 Limmongkol, S.; Owen, R. E.; Siegmund, W. A.; Hull, C. L.
Multi-Object Spectroscopy with Optical Fibres at the ESO 3.60m Prime focus in a One Degree field: The MEFOS Instrument 138 Guerin, J.; Bellenger, R.; Dreux, M.; Felenbok, P.; Fernandez, A.; Rousset, G.; Schmidt, R.
The AAT 2dF Project - Current Status 145 Gray, P. M.; Taylor, K.; Parry, I. R.; Lewis, I. J.; Sharples, R. M.
The Tautenburg Feldspinne - One More Multi-Object Fiber Feed 166 Pitz, E.; Lorenz, H.; Elsasser, H.
A Second-Generation FLAIR System 171 Watson, F. G.; Gray, P. M.; Oates, A. P.; Lankshear, A.; Dean, R. G.
AUTOFRED:A Robotic Fibre Positioner for FLAIR II 181 Bedding, T.; Gray, P. M.; Watson, F.
Hydra - Kitt Peak Multi-Object Spectroscopic System 185 Barden, S. C.; Armandroff, T.; Massey, P.; Groves, L.; Rudeen, A. C.; Vaughnn, D.; Muller, G.
Multi-Object Spectroscopy with the ISIS Spectrograph at the William Herschel Telescope 203 Rasilla, J. L.; Garcia Marin, A.; Arribas, S.; Gellatly, D.; Carter, D.
The Fibre-fed Spectrograph for the 4.2-metre William Herschel Telescope 209 Jenkins, C. R.; Gellatly, D. W.; Bingham, R. G.; Worswick, S. P.
Development of Fiber Linked Multi-Object Spectroscopy System at the National Astronomical Observatory 217 Noumarn, J.
Observational Performance of Fiber Optics - High Precision Sky Subtraction and Radial Velocities 223 Barden, Samuel C.; Elston, Richard; Armandroff, Taft; Pryor, Carlton P.
Target Designation for Multifiber Spectroscopy 235 Hill, J. M.
Fibre-to-Object Allocation Algorithms for Autofib Type Fibre Positioners 249 Lewis, I. J.; Parry, I. R.; Sharples, R. M.; Taylor, K.
Differential Refraction Re-Visited 270 Donnelly, R. H.; Brodie, J. P.; Craig, W. W.
Interactive Assignment and Optimization 282 Donnelly, R. H.
Stellar Interferometry with Infrared Single-Mode Fibers 285 Coude Du Foresto, V.; Maze, G.; Ridgway, S.
Infrared Fiber Arrays for Low Background Infrared Astronomy 295 Levin, K. H.; Tran, D. C.; Kindler, E.; Glenar, D.; Mumma, M. J.; Joyce, R.
Near IR Fiber Spectroscopy: First Results 310 Dallier, R.; Baudrand, J.; Cuby, J. G.
Bidimensional Spectroscopy with a Multi-Bundle Arrangement 322 Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; Rasilla, J. L.
Observing the Circumnuclear Region of NGC41S1 with Hexaflex 331 Mediavilla, E.; Arribas, S.
Integral Field spectrography with Optical Fibres at C.F.H. 338 Vanderriest, C.
Optical Fibre Spectrographs for Multisite Stellar Spectroscopy 348 Baudrand, J.; Felenbok, P.; Bohm, T.; Catala, C.
Concepts and Designs for the AAT 2dF Fiber Spectrograph Camera 355 Jones, D.
System Modelling of the 2dF 379 Taylor, K.; Gray, P. M.
A Method for Determining the Focal Ratio Degradation Performance of Optical Fibres 392 Carrasco, E.; Parry, I. R.
Fibre Optics in Astronomy II - Conference Overview 410 Barden, S. C.