Title: Inside the Stars, IAU Colloquium 137
Volume: 40 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Weiss, Werner W.; Baglin, Annie
ISBN: 0-937707-59-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-376-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Outside the stars 1 Longair, Malcolm S.
The controversial sun 25 Ulrich, Roger K.
Asteroseismology - The impact of solar space observations 43 Hudson, H. S.
Microscopic physics in the solar standard model 51 Lopes, I.; Turck-Chieze, S.
CESAM solar models 54 Morel, P.; Berthomieu, G.; Provost, J.; Lebreton, Y.
Restoration of the atmosphere in solar models 57 Morel, P.; van't Veer, C.; Berthomieu, G.; Cayrel, R.; Castelli, F.; Goupil, M. J.; Lebreton, Y.; Provost, J.
Seismological constraints on convective penetration in the sun 60 Berthomieu, G.; Morel, P.; Provost, J.; Zahn, J.-P.
Test of a new theory for stellar convection using helioseismology 63 Paterno, L.; Ventura, R.; Canuto, V. M.; Mazzitelli, I.
Steady and fluctuating parts of sun's internal magnetic field 66 Gokhale, M. H.; Hiremath, K. M.
Helioseismic constraints on the structure of the present sun 69 Baturin, V. A.; Ajukov, S. V.
Two-dimensional helioseismic inversions 72 Schou, J.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Thompson, M. J.
Activity cycle in the solar core 75 Grandpierre, Attila
Generation of strong toroidal magnetic field near the bottom of the solar convective zone 78 Krivodubskij, V. N.
Detection possibility of the giant rolls in the sun 81 Baranyi, Tunde; Ludmany, Andras
Asymmetry and periodicities in solar activity 84 Carbonell, M.; Oliver, R.; Ballester, J. L.
23rd cycle of solar activity in the light of 34 years of Cracow observations of solar radio emission 87 Michalec, A.
Preliminary results from observations with the Fourier tachometer 90 Schou, J.; Brown, T. M.; Bachman, K. T.
Seismic evidence of modulation of the structure and angular velocity of the Sun associated with the solar cycle 93 Gough, D. O.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Sekii, T.; Libbrecht, K. G.; Woodard, M. F.
Solar 5-min oscillations at 2.23mm 97 Leifsen, T.
Brief review of solar models and solar neutrino experiments 100 Morrison, Douglas R. O.
Progress in high S/N spectroscopy and its importance for stellar modelling 108 Nissen, P. E.
Is superficial knowledge about stellar surfaces sufficient? 122 Gustafsson, Bengt
Temperature, abundance and magnetic mapping of stellar atmospheres 136 Donati, J.-F.
Parameters Teff and log g for late B and early A type stars 150 Gerbaldi, M.; Zorec, J.
Effective temperatures and angular diameters of A - G main sequence stars 153 Glushneva, I. N.; Voloshina, I. B.; Knyazeva, L. N.
Energy distributions and fundamental parameters of 6 A stars 156 Monier, R.
The infrared excess of early-type stars: modelling the IRAS observations 159 Runacres, M.; Blomme, R.
Influence of rotation on the stellar parameters 162 Wenske, V.; Schönberner, D.
Observational patterns of lithium depletion in pre-main sequence stars 165 Martín, E. L.; Rebolo, R.; Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Magazzu, A.; Pavlenko, Y. V.
Observed and computed features around Li I 6708 in normal A and early F stars 168 Gerbaldi, M.; Faraggiana, R.; Castelli, F.
A search for lithium in brown dwarf candidates 171 Rebolo, R.; Martin, E. L.; Magazzu, A.
Beryllium in lithium-deficient F stars - Constraints on stellar evolution 174 Deliyannis, Constantine P.; Pinsonneault, M. H.
[Fe/H] and Lithium abundance for detached eclipsing binaries 177 Clausen, J. V.
Beryllium and Lithium abundances in stars with a range of metallicities 180 Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Martin, E. L.; Rebolo, R.; Beckman, J. E.; McKeith, C. D.; Webb, J. K.; Pavlenko, Y. V.
On the nitrogen abundance-age relation for main sequence early B-stars 183 Lyubimkov, Leonid S.
Oxygen abundances in Li-depleted F-type stars 187 Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Rebolo, R.; Herrero, A.; Beckman, J. E.
High S/N NaI D line profiles in late-type MS stars and their importance for stellar modelling 190 Covino, E.; Gomez, M. T.; Severino, G.; Franchini, M.
Absolute measurements of starspot area and temperature 193 Neff, J. E.; O'Neal, D.; Saar, S. H.
A multiline method to determine stellar magnetic fields 196 Ripodas, P.; Collados, M.; Sanchez Almeida, J.; Garcia Lopez, R. J.
Atmospheric structure of the pulsating Ap[CP2] star HR 3831 from rapid multicolour photometry 199 Matthews, J. M.; Wehlau, W. H.; Rice, J.; Walker, G. A. H.
The abundances of Vega from the ultraviolet spectrum 202 Castelli, F.
Line formation in stochastic winds of T Tauri stars 205 Mitskevich, A. S.; Natta, A.; Grinin, V. P.
The equation of state 208 Daeppen, Werner
Radiative opacities 222 Seaton, M. J.
Turbulence in stellar interiors 236 Zahn, Jean-Paul
Particle transport processes 246 Michaud, Georges; Proffitt, C. R.
Line Broadening Data: Stark Broadening of Ca II, Sc II and Ti IV Lines 260 Dimitrijevic, Milan S.; Sahal-Bréchot, Sylvie
The Importance of Molecular Opacities in Stellar Atmospheres 263 Sharp, Christopher M.
Calculation of Ionization Equilibrium for Dense Plasmas 266 Massacrier, Gerard
Coulomb Interactions in the Equation of State 269 Stolzmann, W.; Blöcker, T.
Modelling Time-Dependent Diffusion in Am Star Envelopes 272 Alecian, G.
A Diffusion Mass-Loss Model For the Ap Star 53 Cam 275 Babel, J.
The Generation of Internal Wave 278 Montalbán, Josefina
Mixing by Internal Waves 281 Montalbán, Josefina; Schatzman, Evry
New Constraints on the Rotation-Induced Mixing in Stars, from Lithium Observations in Main Sequence F-Type Stars and Subgiants 284 Charbonnel, Corinne; Vauclair, Sylvie
Angular Momentum Transfer by Nonradial Oscillations in Massive Main-Sequence Stars 287 Lee, Umin; Saio, Hideyuki
Integral Constraints On Convective Overshooting - Two-Dimensional Numerical Studies 290 Roxburgh, Ian W.; Simmons, John
Local and non-local contributions to horizontal motions in stellar convective zones 293 Petrovay, K.
Numerical Simulations of 3D Compressible Convection 296 Muthsam, Herbert J.; Zöchling, Johann
The Depth of the Solar Convection Zone Inferred from Hydrodynamical Models of the Surface Layers 300 Steffen, M.
On the Influence of Treatment of Heavy Elements in the Equation of State on the Resulting Values of the Adiabatic Exponent 304 Däppen, W.; Gough, D. O.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Rhodes, E. J., Jr.
An Improved Equation of State for Hydrogen 307 Saumon, D.; Chabrier, G.
The non-explosive modes of hydrogen burning - A brief review 310 Arnould, Marcel; Mowlavi, Nami
Stellar distances and HIPPARCOS 324 Gomez, A. E.
Observable effects of rotation on stellar abundances 333 Balachandran, Suchitra
Stellar masses and radii as constraints on stellar models 347 Andersen, Johannes
Accurate masses and radii as test data for stellar models: status and progress on the Copenhagen project 361 Andersen, J.; Clausen, J. V.; Helt, B. E.; Johansen, K. T.; Nordström, B.; Garcia, M.; Gimenez, A.; Stefanik, R. P.; Vaz, L. P.
Measurements of masses and radii of eclipsing binaries 364 Ferluga, S.; Floreano, L.; Mangiacapra, D.
Determination of physical parameters of binary systems: the problem of spurious solutions 368 Barone, F.; di Fiore, L.; Mancuso, S.; Milano, L.; Russo, G.
V3903 Sagitarii: a main-sequence (O7V+O9V) detached eclipsing binary 371 Vaz, L. P. R.; Cunha, N. C. S.; Vieira, E. F.; Myrrha, M. L. M.
The braking law of solar type stars as derived from close binary dynamical evolution 374 Maceroni, C.
Rotational velocity despersion in the Hyades and other galactic clusters from the v sin i observations 377 Gaigé, Y.
Comparing catalogues of stellar absolute magnitudes and estimating their accuracy 380 Malyuto, V.
Calibration of the main sequence stars: α Centauri 383 Neuforge, C.
Absolute parameter determination in low-mass eclipsing binaries - Radiative parameters for BH Vir, ZZ UMA and CR CAS 386 Clement, R.; Reglero, V.; Garcia, M.; Fabregat, J.; Bravo, A.; Suso, J.
Time-resolved spectroscopy of short period RS CVn systems 392 Lazaro, C.; Arevalo, M. J.
The pre-main sequence 395 D'Antona, Francesca
Small and intermediate mass stellar evolution - Main sequence and close to it 410 Noels, A.; Grevesse, N.
Evolution of massive stars - Main sequence and close to it 426 Langer, Norbert
New evolutionary tracks of pre-main-sequence stars 437 Palla, F.; Stahler, S. W.; Parigi, G.
The properties of accretion disks of Herbig Ae/Be stars and their influence on the surface and the inside 440 The, P. S.
The evolutionary code CESAM: numerical techniques 445 Morel, P.
New physics, new evolutionary tracks, new isochrones 448 Demarque, P.; Guenther, D. B.; Pinsonneault, B.
Coulomb corrections and globular cluster stellar evolution 451 Proffitt, Ch.
A peculiar effect of core overshooting on the internal structure of low mass stars 454 Mowlavi, N.
Main sequence structures including the overdiabatic CM convection model 457 Mazzitelli, I.; D'Antona, F.
Convective overshooting and the observed width of the main-sequence band 461 Napiwotzki, R.; Rieschick, A.; Blöcker, T.; Schönberner, D.; Wenske, V.
Spin down of solar-type stars with internal magnetic fields 464 Charbonneau, P.; MacGregor, K. B.
Apsidal motion test: confrontation between theory and observations 469 Claret, A.; Giménez, A.
Determination of age and original chemical composition of binary stars 472 Ferluga, S.; Antillon, M.
Modelling the ζ Herculis system 474 Lebreton, Y.; Auvergne, M.; Morel, P. J.; Baglin, A.
Peculiar intrinsic parameters of massive stars as a result of an early phase of homogeneous evolution 477 Simon, K. P.
The blue straggler stars of galactic clusters 480 Schönberner, D.; Napiwotzki, R.
Pulsation theory and stellar structure 483 Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
Pulsation of rotating and magnetic stars 497 Vorontsov, Sergej V.
Excitation mechanisms of oscillations in stars 512 Osaki, Yoji
Mode selection and other nonlinear phenomena in stellar oscillations 521 Dziembowski, W. A.
Asymptotic theory of low-degree stellar acoustic oscillations 535 Roxburgh, I. W.; Vorontsov, S. V.
The subseismic approximation for low-frequency modes of the earth applied to low-degree, low-frequency g-modes of non-rotating stars 538 de Boeck, I.; van Hoolst, T.; Smeyers, P.
Initial asteroseismic inversions 541 Gough, D. O.; Kosovichev, A. G.
About seismological properties of intermediate mass stars 544 Audard, N.; Provost, J.
Let us begin by modelling two observed d Scuti stars simultaneously 547 Michel, E.; Goupil, M. J.; Lebreton, Y.
On the asteroseismic calibration of solar-type stars 550 Gough, D. O.; Novotny, E.
How may seismological measurements constrain parameters of stellar structure? 554 Brown, T. M.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Mihalas, B. W.
Detecting convective overshoot in solar-type stars 557 Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Thompson, M. J.
Asteroseismological models with rotation 560 Suran, D. M.; Oprescu, G.
Theory of the oblique pulsator model for the rapidly oscillating Ap stars 563 Shibahashi, H.; Takata, M.
It is possible to determine whether a star is rotating about a unique axis? 566 Gough, D. O.; Kosovichev, A. G.
A procedure for two-dimensional asymptotic rotational-splitting inversion 569 Sekii, T.; Gough, D. O.
Dust driven winds from pulsating stars 572 Dorfi, E. A.; Feuchtinger, M. U.; Höfner, S.
Radial pulsation in variable stars with mass loss 575 Pijpers, F. P.
Stellar dynamos 578 Krause, F.
Observational constraints on dynamos in cool stars 591 Schrijver, C. J.
Activity tracers 605 Strassmeier, Klaus G.
Winds 620 MacGregor, K. B.
Stellar activity - Constraints expected from space experiments 634 Catala, Claude
Evolution of stellar activity in early post-main-sequence phases 648 Maggio, A.; Sciortino, S.; Bianchi, L.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Rosner, R.
Photospheric activity among early F-type stars 651 Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.; Zerbi, F.
Energy losses by stellar activity phenomena 654 Katsova, M.
Lithium abundance and activity for 57 RS CVn systems 657 Xuefu, Liu; Gang, Zhao; Huisong, Tang; Fangjun, Lu
ROSAT WFC EUV Observations of AB Dor 658 Kellett, B. J.; Bromage, G. E.
The MUSICOS project: Multi-SIte COntinuous Spectroscopy 662 Catala, C.; Baudrand, J.; Böhm, T.; Foing, B. H.
Short-term spectral variability in the Herbig Ae star AB Aur: preliminary analysis of chromospheric lines 665 Böhm, T.; Catala, C.
Search for magnetic stars at early stages of evolution 669 Glagolevskij, Y. V.
PRISMA The instruments 672 Jones, A.
Comparison of stellar oscillations and activity data to infer internal rotation 675 Belvedere, G.
Asteroseismology from the ground 679 Frandsen, S.
Low-level stellar variability 693 Grenon, M.
The Space Bonus 708 Weiss, W. W.
Results from IPHIR as guideline for asteroseismology 713 Toutain, T.; Fröhlich, C.
Solar-like oscillations on Alpha Centauri A 717 Pottasch, Edward M.; Butcher, Harvey R.; van Hoesel, Frans H. J.
Radial and nonradial mode instability in B-type stars 721 Dziembowski, W. A.; Pamyatnykh, A. A.
Photometric detection of low-order NRP in Be stars 724 Pavlovski, K.; Ruzic, Z.; Vujnovic, V.
New limits on the instability strip of the HRD: Observations from a northern sky survey of Ap stars for rapid variability 727 Nelson, J. M.; Kreidl, T. J.
ß Cas: Simultaneous Strömgren photometry 730 Rodriguez, E.; Lopez de Coca, P.; Rolland, A.; Garrido, R.; Gonzalez-Bedolla, S. F.
Methodological aspects in the frequency analysis of multiperiodic δ Scuti stars 733 Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.; Riboni, E.
Radial pulsations in 63 Herculis 736 Uyaniker, B.
STEPHI: a new approach to δ Scuti asteroseismology 739 Belmonte, J. A.; Roca Cortés, T.; Vidal, I.; Schmider, F. X.; Michel, E.; Baglin, A.; Chevreton, M.; Auvergne, M.; Mangeney, A.; Goupil, M. J.; Massacrier, G.; Serre, T.; Álvarez, M.; Jiang, S. Y.; Liu, Y. Y.; Fu, J. N.; Dolez, N.; Sareyan, J. P.; Valtier, J. C.
High-and low-degree modes in δ Scuti stars: 1- and 2-D Fourier analyses of τ Peg 743 Kennelly, E. J.; Matthews, J. M.; Walker, G. A. H.
Observational constraints on mode excitation in δ-Scuti stars in open clusters 746 Frandsen, S.; Kjeldsen, H.
CCD asteroseismology of open clusters 749 Vidal, I.; Belmonte, J. A.
The AFOE - a new instrument for asteroseismology 752 Noyes, R. W.; Brown, T. M.; Horner, S.; Korzennik, S.; Nisenson, P.
SOHO: a PRISMA precursor 755 Lemaire, P.
E. V. R. I. S on board MARS 94: the first space experiment devoted to stellar seismology 758 Baglin, A.; Weiss, W. W.; Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G.
Wavelet analysis of some pulsating stars 761 Szatmáry, K.; Gál, J.
Data analysis techniques for determining high precision doppler shifts using Iodine absorption cells 764 Horner, S. D.; Brown, T. M.
Impact of Observations on Prejudice and Input Physics 767 Gough, D. O.
Key issues - A round table discussion 776 Brown, T. M.; Demarque, P.; Noyes, R.; Praderie, F.; Roxburgh, I. W.; Schatzman, E.
Absolute magnitude determination of Be stars: the inadequacy of the 2200 Å bump 787 Doazan, V.; de La Fuente, A.; Barylak, M.; Cramer, N.
Asteroseismology of the DBV white dwarf GD 358 with the Whole Earth Telescope 789 Winget, D.; Nather, R. E.; Clemens, J. C.; Provencal, J.; Kleinman, S. J.; Bradley, P. A.; Claver, C. F.; Dixson, J. S.; Wood, M. A.; Grauer, A. D.; Hine, B. P.; Hansen, C. J.; Bergeron, P.; Birch, P.; Candy, M.; Leibowitz, E.; Marar, T. M. K.; Seetha, S.; Ashoka, B. N.; O'Donoghue, D.; Warner, B.; Buckley, D. A.; Tripe, P.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S. O.; Augusteijn, T.
Chemical evolution of Algol-Type stars 792 Sarna, M. J.
Star formation and the origin of stellar masses 795 Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Price, N. M.
A new model for the structure and evolution of main sequence stars 798 Vera, R. A.
The effect of electron beams on the hydrogen emission in impulsive flares on the Sun and stars 801 Zharkova, V. V.; Kobylinsky, V. A.
Spectroscopic observations of the Be star &phis; Per 804 Singh, M.; Mon, M.; Kogure, T.; Suzuki, M.
Stellar evolution and mass transfer in binaries 807 Bojarchuk, A. A.; Chechetkin, V. M.; Kuznetzov, O. A.; Popov, Y. P.
The naming of stars and the study of protostars 810 Morrison, D. R. O.
PRISMA - A new space mission for stellar physics 812 Appourchaux, T.; Gough, D.; Hyoyng, P.; Catala, C.; Frandsen, S.; Froehlich, C.; Jones, A.; Lemaire, P.; Tondello, G.; Weiss, W. W.