Title: Astronomy with Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Interferometry, IAU Colloquium 140
Volume: 59 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ishiguro, M.; Welch, J.
ISBN: 0-937707-78-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-395-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Berkeley-Illinoise-Maryland-Association Millimeter Array 1 Welch, Wm. J.
The Owens Valley Millimeter Array 10 Scoville, N.; Carlstrom, J.; Padin, S.; Sargent, A.; Scott, S.; Woody, D.
The Nobeyama Millimeter Array 18 Morita, K.-I.
The IRAM Interferometer on Plateau de Bure 27 Guilloteau, S.
The CSO-JCMT Submillimeter Interferometer 35 Carlstrom, J. E.; Hills, R. E.; Lay, O. P.; Force, B.; Hall, C. G.; Phillips, T. G.; Schinckel, A. E.
The VLA and VLBA at Millimeter Wavelengths 41 Fomalont, E. B.
Mmvlbi 44 Baath, L. B.
A New Violent Activity in 3C273 50 Botti, L. C. L.
Microarcsecond VLBI: what will we see? 54 Valtaoja, Esko
MM-VLBI Survey of Spectral Index on AGN 56 Matsumoto, K.-Y.; Kawaguchi, N.; Inoue, M.; Takaba, H.; Koyama, Y.; Iwata, T.; Kurihara, N.
Millimeter-Wave VLBI Observations of Compact Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources 58 Kameno, S.; Inoue, M.; Takaba, H.; Iwata, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Nan, R.; Schilizzi, R. T.
A VLBI Study of H20 Maser Spots Associated with a Molecular Outflow rho Oph-East 60 Iwata, T.; Takaba, H.; Matsumoto, K.-Y.; Kameno, S.; Kawaguchi, N.
VLBI Observations of H20 and SiO Masers in Late Type Stars 62 Takaba, H.; Iwata, T.; Miyoshi, M.; Ukita, N.; Kameno, S.; Matsumoto, K.
The 6m mm-VLBI Telescope at Kagoshima; Japan 64 Omodaka, T.; Morimoto, M.; Kawaguchi, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Kuji, S.; Miyazawa, K.; Miyaji, T.; Mikoshiba, H.; Hayashi, R.; Kitagawa, T.; Maneki, J.; Suzuyama, T.; Inoue, M.; Fujishita, M.; Sasao, T.; Furuya, L.; Miyasato, K.; Jike, T.
The Submillimeter Telescope - A Status Report 66 Martin, R. N.; Baars, J. W. M.
Millimeter and Submillimeterwave Receivers 68 Phillips, T. G.
Wide-Band Tunerless Mixer Mounts for 100 GHz and 150 GHz SIS Receivers 78 Sunada, K.; Kawabe, R.; Inatani, J.
Signal Processing Developments for the OVRO Array 82 Padin, S.; Soares, S. F.
Atmospheric Effects and Calibrations 87 Masson, C. R.
Mosaicing: Current Status 96 Cornwell, T. J.
New Applications of Radio Holography for MM Observations with the RATAN-600 Radio Telescope 104 Khaikin, Vladimir
A Compact SIS Receiver Cooled by 4 K GM Refrigerator 113 Kuriyama, T.; Hatakeyama, H.; Takahashi, M.; Nakagare, H.; Kawabe, R.; Iwashita, H.; McCulloch, G.; Shibata, K.; Ukita, N.
The Fiber Optic Link and Delay System at OVRO 115 Soares, S. F.; Padin, S.
IF Fiber Optics and Digital Correlating Spectrometer on the JCMT-CSO Interferometer 117 Lay, O. P.; Hills, R. E.; Carlstrom, J.
10GHz Sky Survey Project, Waseda FFT Interferometer 119 Nakajima, J.; Otobe, E.; Asuma, K.; Daishido, T.
PhaseCalibration of the Proposed Millimeter Array 121 Holdaway, M. A.
Combined-Array Imaging of Extra-Galactic Radio Sources 123 Akujor, C. E.; Baath, L. B.
Statistical Comparison of CLEAN and MEM 125 Ishiguro, M.; Morita, K.-I.; Murata, Y.
Imaging Molecular Envelopes of Evolved Stars 127 Bieging, J. H.
Interferometer Observations of Circumstellar Envelopes with the Ram Plateau de Bure Interferometer 135 Lucas, R.
High Resolution Observations of CO in Planetary Nebulae 143 Shibata, K. M.; Deguchi, S.; Kasuga, T.; Tamura, S.; Hirano, N.; Kameya, O.
Inclination of the HCO+ Torus in the NGC7027 Molecular Envelope 148 Yamamura, I.; Deguchi, S.
Distribution of HC-{5}N in IRC+10216 150 Takano, S.; Saito, S.
Molecular Envelopes of Planetary NebulAEand Proto-Planetary NebulAE 152 Kwok, Sun
Lunar Occultations of the SiO Masers in R Leo 154 Cernicharo, J.; Brunswig, W.; Paubert, O.; Liechti, S.
Ionized and Neutral Gas in the Central 10 PC of the Galaxy 156 Lo, K. Y.; Plante, R.; Lacy, J.; Wright, M.; Killeen, N.
Gas Feeding Toward the Galactic Center. 161 Ho, P. T. P.
Spectral Turn-Over of Radio Arc Filaments at 43 GHz: Magnetic Tubes of 4000-yr Old in the Galactic Center 166 Sofue, Y.; Murata, Y.; Reich, W.
CO (J=2-1) Observations of the Molecular Cloud Complex in the Galactic Center 168 Oka, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Hayashi, M.; Handa, T.; Sakamoto, S.
Aperture Synthesis Observations of The Galactic Center 50-km s-{1} Molecular Cloud 170 Tsuboi, M.; Okumura, S. K.; Ishiguro, M.
The Massive Cloud Core SGR B2(M): Starburst Triggered by a Cloud Collision 172 Miyawaki, R.; Hasegawa, T.; Sato, F.; Whiteoak, J. B.; Kobayashi, H.
An Accretion Disk Model for the Innermost 200PC of the Galaxy 174 Duschl, W. J.; Linden, S. V.; Biermann, P. L.
Massive Star Formation 176 Vogel, S. N.
Observations of Orion Molecular Cloud with NMA 185 Murata, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.; Morita, K.-I.; Hasegawa, T.; Hayashi, M.
Interstellar Chemistry in Orion KL 190 Yamamoto, S.; Mikami, H.; Saito, S.
Evidence for Protostellar Wind-Cloud Interactions 195 Rudolph, A. L.
Probing Molecular Shocks with Millimeter and Near-IR Interferometric Imaging 199 Wang, Thong.; Burton, M. O.
Disks Around T Tauri Stars 203 Sargent, A.; Beckwith, S.
Evolution of Disks in the Course of Star Formation 212 Hayashi, M.
Aperture Synthesis CS(J=1-0) Observations of the Molecular Outflow in NOC 2071: Subclumps in a Wind-Driven Shocked Shell and Their Origin 220 Kitamura, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.
Detection of Magnetohydrodynamic Shocks in the L1551 Outflow 222 Barsony, M.; Scoville, N. Z.; Chandller, C. J.
Molecular Outflows in B335 and B1 224 Hirano, N.; Kameya, O.; Kasuga, T.; Mikami, H.; Saito, S.; Umemoto, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Evidence for Protostellar Collapse in B335 226 Zhou, S.; Evans, N. J., II; Kompe, C.; Walmsley, C. M.
Molecular Cloud Core and CS Outflow Associated with Haro 4-255 FIR 228 Tatematsu, K.; Umemoto, T.; Murata, Y.; Chen, H.; Hirano, N.; Takaba, H.
NMA Observations of HH83 230 Nakano, M.; Sugitani, K.; Sato, F.; Ogura, K.
The CO(J=2-1)/CO(J=1-0) Luminosity Ratio in the Orion Giant Molecular Clouds 232 Sakamoto, S.; Hasegawa, T.; Hayashi, M.; Handa, T.; Oka, T.
Large Scale Structure and Kinematics of the Orion Ridge. 234 Wiseman, J. J.; Ho, P. T. P.
Expanding Hemisphere in Orion-KL Hot Core -CS(2-1) Observation with NMA 236 Murata, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.; Morita, K.-I.; Hasegawa, T.; Hayashi, M.
Interferometric Observations for O-Containing Organic Molecules Towards Orion-KL 238 Minh, Y. C.; Ohishi, M.; Roh, D. G.; Ishiguro, M.
Aperture Synthesis Maps of NH2D and CH3OD Lines toward Orion-KL: The Origin of NH3 and CH3OH 241 Saito, S.; Mikami, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Murata, Y.; Kawabe, R.
SiO in Star Forming Regions: Barnard 1 and Orion KL 243 Yamamoto, S.; Mikami, H.; Saito, S.
CS Lines and Dust Continuum Observations of the OMC2 Infrared Cluster 245 Umeinoto, T.; Ohashi, N.; Murata, Y.; Tatematsu, K.; Suzuki, M.
High S/N HCO+ Maps of the Orion B Dense Core 247 Barnes, P. J.; Crutcher, R. M.
Fine Structure of Shocked Photodissociation Regions in the Orion Bright Bar 249 Omodaka, T.; Murata, Y.; Hayashi, M.; Kitamura, Y.; Ohishi, M.
SiO (J=2-1) Observations of W49A with NMA: Evidence of Infall Motion toward Massive Core 251 Miyawaki, R.; Hayashi, M.; Hasegawa, T.
Radiative Transfer Modeling of Molecular Clouds: HCO+ in the Star-Forming Region W 49 A North 253 Dickel, H. R.; Auer, L. H.; Wilner, D. J.
Aperture Synthesis Observations of M17 SW 255 Wang, Y.; Zhou, S.; Evans, N., II; Jaffe, D.; Hayashi, M.; Murata, Y.
An Interferometric Observation of the NGC 7538 Molecular Cloud Core 257 Kameya, O.; Kawabe, R.; Morita, K.-I.; Ishiguro, M.; Hirano, N.
Millimeter-Wave Continuum Around NGC 7538-IRS1, IRS2, and IRS3 258 Akabane, K.; Tsunekawa, S.; Inoue, M.; Kawabe, R.; Ohashi, N.; Kameya, O.; Ishiguro, M.; Sofue, Y.
Millimeter Observations of G5.89-0.39 260 Wilner, D. J.; Welch, W. J.; Forster, J. R.; Murata, Y.
A Flattened Cloud Core in NGC2024. 262 Ho, P. T. P.; Peng, Y.-L.; Torrelles, J. M.; Gomez, J. F.; Rodriguez, L. F.; Canto, J.
Probing the AU-Scale Structure of Molecular Clouds 264 Marscher, A. P.; Bania, T. M.; Wang, Zhong
Small-Scale Structure of the MON R2 Cloud Core 266 Henning, Th.; Chini, R.; Pfau, W.
CO Outflows in Low-Mass Protostar Candidates in Taurus 268 Tamura, M.; Ohashi, N.; Moriarty-Schieven, O.; Hayashi, M.; Hirano, N.
Circumstellar Molecular Gas of the Young Stellar Object SVS 12 270 Stapelfeldt, K. R.
Snapshot Observations of Circumstellar Material Around Young Stellar Objects 272 Despois, D.; Masset, F.; Andre, P.; Baudry, A.; Montmerle, T.; Cabrit, S.
The Nobeyama Millimeter Array Survey for Protoplanetary Disks Around Protostar Candidates and T Taun Stars in Taurus 274 Ohashi, N.; Kawabe, R.; Hayashi, M.; Ishiguro, M.
Preliminary Results on the Molecular Emission from the T Tauri Circumstellar Disk 276 van Langevelde, Huib Jan; van Dishoeck, E. F.; Blake, O. A.
Rotating Protoplanetary Gas Disk in GG-Tau 278 Kitamura, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Omodaka, T.; Ishiguro, M.; Miyama, S.
Numerical Simulations of Collapse of a Magnetized Rotating Molecular Cloud 280 Ohta, K.; Habe, A.
Molecular Gas in the Centers of Barred and Starburst Galaxies 282 Kenney, J. D. P.
Molecular Gas Distribution and Dynamics in the Central Region of Galaxies 293 Ishizuki, S.
CO (2-1) in IC 342 300 Turner, J. L.; Hudson, D.; Hurt, R. L.
Warm and Cold Gas in Galactic Nuclei: the Near-IR/Millimeter Connection in NGC 253 306 van der Werf, P. P.; Cameron, M.; Genzel, R.; Blietz, M.; Krabbe, A.; Forbes, D. A.; Ward, M. J.
IRAS Galaxies 312 Scoville, N.
IRAS and Distant Galaxies 322 Kawabe, R.
The Extended CO(3-2) Emission in the Protogalaxy IRAS F10214+4724 332 Brown, R. L.
Interferometric Observations of HCO+ and HCN in the Nuclear Region of IC 342 and Maffei 2 336 Nguyen-Rieu; Viallefond, F.; Combes, F.; Jackson, J. M.; Lequeux, J.; Radford, S.; Truong-Bach
Supplying Gas for Nuclear Star Formation: the Central Molecular Spiral of IC 342 339 Levine, D. A.; Turner, J. L.; Hurt, R. L.
A High-Resolution CO Mapping of the Nucleus of the Barred-Spiral Galaxy, M83 341 Handa, T.; Ishizuki, S.; Kawabe, R.
The Clouds of M82 343 Schilke, P.; Brouillet, N.; Baudry, A.
CS(3-2) in Nearby Starburst Galaxies M82 and NGC 253 345 Ishizuki, S.; Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.
The Polar Ring Starburst Galaxy NGC 660 347 van Driel, W.; Combes, F.; Nakai, N.; Yoshida, S.
The Starburst in the Nucleus of NGC 6764: The Near-IR/Radio/Optical Connection 349 Cameron, M.; Eckart, A.; Genzel, R.; Nakai, N.; Wagner, S.
Self-Gravitating Gas Dynamics in a Nuclear Region of a Weak Barred Galaxy 351 Wada, K.; Habe, A.
Molecular Superclouds in M51 353 Tosaki, T.; Kawabe, R.; Taniguchi, Y.
Detection of Interarm Molecular Clouds in M51: MSC or GMC? 355 Tosaki, T.; Taniguchi, Y.; Kawabe, R.
Outflowing Molecular Gas in NGC 3079 357 Irwin, J. A.; Sofue, Y.
Jet-Cloud Interactions in NGC 4258: CO Observations Using the Nobeyama Millimeter Array 359 Plante, R. L.; Handa, T.; Lo, K. Y.
A Vertical Structure of the Edge-On Galaxy, NGC 891 361 Handa, T.; Sofue, Y.; Ikeuchi, S.; Ishizuki, S.; Kawabe, R.
NGC 4631: The Unusual Star Forming Region Around CM67 - CO Observations with NMA and Pico Veleta 363 Krause, M.; Golla, G.; Morita, K.-I.; Wielebinski, R.
H2/CO Conversion Factor for M31 Molecular Clouds 366 Sofue, Y.; Takabayashi, M.; Murata, Y.
A Basic Step Toward the CO-Line Tully-Fisher Relation 368 Sofue, Y.; Schoniger, F.
Tracing Molecular Emission in Spiral Galaxies: The Near Infrared Correspondence 370 Hurt, R. L.; Turner, J. L.; Levine, D.; Merrill, K. M.; Gatley, I.
Interacting Intersecting Masers 372 Deguchi, S.
{12}CO (J=1-0) Mapping of the Merging Galaxy NGC 3310 374 Kikumoto, T.; Taniguchi, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Tomisaka, K.
1.7" Resolution CO(1 -0) Observations of Arp220: Nuclear Gas Ring of Merger Remnant 376 Okumura, S. K.; Kawabe, R.; Ishiguro, M.; Ishizuki, S.
CO(3-2) Observations of IRAS F10214+4724 at NMA 379 Sakamoto, K.; Kawabe, R.; Ishizuki, S.; Ishiguro, M.
Background-Limited Performance in the Submillimeter 382 Davidson, J. A.; Roellig, T. L.; Pernic, R. J.
The Smithsonian Submillimeter Array. 384 Ho, P. T. P.
RATAN-600 as a MM-Array 392 Parijskij, Yu. N.; Pinchuk, G. A.; Verkhodanov, O. V.; Khaikin, V. B.; Zverev, Yu. K.; Zhekanis, G. V.
The Millimeter Array 398 Brown, R. L.
The Large Millimeter Array 405 Ishiguro, M.; Kawabe, R.; Nakai, N.; Morita, K.-I.; Okumura, S. K.; Ohashi, N.
A Southern Hemishere Millimetre Array 413 Booth, R. S.
Submillimeter Interferometry in Space 419 Brown, R. L.
Millimeter and Submm-Interferometry on MT. Graham, Arizona 426 Bieging, J. H.; Martin, R. N.; Walker, C.; Angel, J. R. P.; Hill, J. M.; Woolf, N. J.; Baars, J. W. M.
SOFIA: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 428 Davidson, J. A.; Erickson, E. F.
The Next Plan of the Nobeyama Radioheliograph 430 Takano, T.; Enome, S.; Nakajima, H.; Shibasaki, K.; Nishio, M.; Hanaoka, Y.; Torii, C.; Sekiguchi, H.; Bushimata, T.; Kawashima, S.; Shinohara, N.; Irimajiri, Y.; Koshiishi, H.; Kosugi, T.; Shiomi, Y.; Sawa, M.