Title: The MK Process at 50 Years: A Powerful Tool for Astrophysical Insight
Volume: 60 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Corbally, C. J.; Gray, R. O.; Garrison, R. F.
ISBN: 0-937707-79-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-396-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
A Hierarchy of Standards for the MK Process 3 Garrison, R. F.
Some Problems and Developments of Current Classification 15 Keenan, P. C.
Spectroscopy of Standard Stars in the Region 4000-9000 A 25 Corral, L. J.; Navarro, S. G.; Pena, J. H.; Peniche, R.; Hirata, I.
An Analysis of MK Spectral Types in the New Bright Star Catalogue 31 Warren, W. H., Jr.; Hoffleit, D.
Stellar Classification and the Theory of Stellar Atmospheres 41 Mihalas, D.
The MK Process and OB+ Stars 57 Drilling, J. S.
The Spectroscopic Classification of White Dwarfs: Unique Requirements and Challenges 64 Liebert, J.; Sion, E. M.
Precision Classification 75 Gray, R. O.
The 03 Stars in 1993 84 Walborn, N. R.
MK Spectral Classification in the Orion OB1 Association 93 Levato, H.; Malaroda, S.; Grosso, M.; Morrel, N.
MK Spectra of the Bright A-Type Stars 99 Abt, H. A.
The A2 IV Stars 105 Sreedhar Rao, S.; Parthasarathy, M.; Raghavender Rao, C.
Spectral Classification and Incidence of the Upper Main Sequence Chemically Peculiar Stars 110 Catalano, F. A.; Leone, F.
On the Complementarity between MK Classification and Stromgren photometry 119 Olsen, E. H.
Photometric Classification and the MK Process Revisited 135 Crawford, D. L.
UBVRIJHKL Photometry, Stellar Systems and the Carbon Stars 141 Lloyd Evans, T.
CCD Four-Color Observations of BHB and FHB Stars: an Example of Photometry Complementing Spectroscopy in Stellar Classification 148 Philip, A. G. D.
Intrinsic Colors of MK Types in the Geneva Photometric System 157 Hauck, B.
The Geneva Multicolor Photometric System as a ComplementaryTool of Spectroscopic Spectral Classification 164 Golay, M.
The MK Classification of B-Type Stars as seen by Geneva Photometry 172 Cramer, N.
Physical Data from Spectroscopy and High Precision Photometry 182 Nicolet, B.
Information Theory as a Tool for Extracting the Best Information Relevant to Spectral Classification from Geneva Photometry 189 Guarinos, J.; Golay, M.
Fifty Years Ago: Astronomy; Yerkes Observatory; Morgan, Keenan, Kellman 199 Osterbrock, D. E.
Reminiscences on Antonia Maury and the c-Characteristic 215 Hoffleit, D.
Angelo Secchi and the Discovery of Carbon Stars 224 McCarthy, M. F.
Newton's Rainbow: From a Hole in the Wall to a Window on the Universe 233 Rountree, J.
The MK Process in Action Today 237 Corbally, C. J.
The Spectroscopic Properties of M Dwarfs in the Two Micron Region 246 Boeshaar, P. C.; Davidge, T. J.
Near-Infrared Spectra of A-Type Stars 253 Torres-Dodgen, A. V.
Post-Asymptotic-Giant-Branch Supergiants 261 Parthasarathy, M.
A Calibrated System for Low Resolution Spectral Classification 270 Meyers-Rice, B. A.; Young, E. T.
Spectral Classification with the IUE: an Atlas of B-Type Spectra 277 Rountree, J.; Sonneborn, G.
International Ultraviolet Explorer Atlas of B-Type Spectra from 1200-1900 A 279 Walborn, N. R.; Parker, J. Wm.; Nichols, J. S.
The Michigan Survey and the Continuing Importance of Spectral Surveys 285 Houk, N.
Automated Classification of Stellar Spectra: Where are we now? 289 von Hippel, T.; Storrie-Lombardi, L. J.; Storrie-Lombardi, M. C.; Irwin, M. J.
Neural-Network Classification of Normal, WN, and A-type stars 303 Weaver, Wm. B.
Automatic Spectral Classification Using Metric Distance Techniques 312 Lasala, J.
Digital Spectral Classification of Stars: an Automated Method 325 Penprase, B. E.
MK Classification in the Direction of the Galaxy Anticenter 334 Chargeishvili, K. B.
Present State of the Work on Automated Spectral Classification by Means of Objective-Prism Spectra 344 Malyuto, V.; Shvelidze, T.
Faint, Cool Supergiants in the Southern Milky Way 351 MacConnell, D. J.; Costa, R. F.; Wing, E.
Spectral Classification from Low-Resolution CCD Long-Slit Spectra 358 Hensberge, H.; Verschueren, W.; Rogl, J.
Aitoff Projection Plots for Stars in Volumes 1-4 of the Michigan Spectral Catalogue 365 Austin, S. K.; Houk, N.; Sowell, J. R.
General Discussion 373 N/A