Title: The Nature and Evolutionary Status of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Volume: 62 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: The, Pik Sin; Perez, Mario R.; van den Heuvel, Edward P. J.
ISBN: 0-937707-81-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-398-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Welcome Address 1 van den Heuvel, E. P. J.
The Ae/Be Stars 3 Herbig, G. H.
Herbig Ae/Be stars: The interface between low-mass and high-mass star formation 12 Appenzeller, I.
The photometric behavior of Herbig Ae/Be stars and its interpretation 23 The, P. S.
Examining and diagnosing PMS stars photometrically: Applications to Herbig Ae/Be stars 31 Chavarria-K., C.
The relationship between photometric variations of T Tauri stars and Herbig Ae/Be stars 35 Herbst, W.
Effects of Herbig Ae/Be stars in the Vilnius photometric system 39 Sudzius, J.
New observations of the close binary Herbig Be star MWC 1080 equals V628 Cas. The problems remain 43 Shevchenko, V. S.; Grankin, K. N.; Ibragimov, M. A.; Kondratiev, V. B.; Melnikov, S. Y. U.; Petrov, P. P.; Shcherbakov, V. A.; Vitrichenko, L. A.
Light curves classification and periodic phenomena on Ae/Be Herbig stars 47 Shevchenko, V. S.; Grankin, K. N.; Ibragimov, M. A.; Melnikov, S. Y. U.; Yakubov, S. D.
Photometric observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars 51 Fernandez, M.
Photometric variability and blueing effect in Herbig Ae/Be stars 53 Johnson, S. B.; Perez, M. R.; van den Ancker, M.; Joner, M. D.
The eclipsing binary Herbig Ae/Be stars as protoalgols 55 Shevchenko, V. S.; Vitrichenko, E. A.
The noticeable eruptive events in Herbig Ae/Be stars: Variability in 1990-1993 57 Shevchenko, V. S.; Grankin, K. N.; Ibragimov, M. A.; Kondratiev, V. B.; Melnikov, S. Y. U.; Yakubov, S. D.
Polarimetric activity of Herbig Ae/Be stars 63 Grinin, V. P.
The circumstellar environment of two HAEBE stars 71 Bastien, P.; Menard, F.; Asselin, L.
Ultraviolet and optical spectropolarimetry of Herbig Ae/Be stars 74 Bjorkman, K. S.; Schulte-Ladbeck, R. F.
Polarimetric imaging and multicolour (UBVRI) polarimetry of Herbig Ae/Be objects 78 Piirola, V.; Scaltriti, F.; Coyne, C. V.
Polarimetric observations of a limited group of Herbig Ae/Be stars 82 Yudin, R.
Intrinsic linear polarization of the classical Herbig AE star RR Tau 86 Grinin, V. P.; Rostopchina, A. N.; Okazaki, O.; Kikuchi, S.; Minikhulov, N. H.
The spectroscopic variability of the Herbig Ae/Be stars 91 Catala, C.
Small grains and PARS in the environment of Herbig Ae/Be stars 99 Natta, A.; Prusti, T.
Line profile variability of H alpha in the Ae-shell star HD 163296 and a model for the circumstellar envelope 103 Pogodin, M. A.
MG II and clues to the evolutionary status of the Herbig Ae/Be stars 107 Imhoff, C. L.
Lyman alpha emission in the spectra of two young B9e-type stars 115 Talvera, A.; Blondel, P. F. C.; Tjin, H. R. E.; Djie, A.
Multiwavelength spectra of the Herbig Be star HD 200775 119 Denizman, L.; Koktay, T.; Kocer, D.; Eker, T.; Hack, M.
Profile variability of H alpha in the B3e star HD 200775 124 Beskrovnaya, N. G.; Pogodin, M. A.; Scherbakov, A. G.; Tarasov, A. E.
What is the origin of activity in Herbig Ae/Be stars? 126 Bohm, T.; Catala, C.
H alpha spectroscopy of Herbig Ae/ Be stars 128 Ortiz, E.; Fernandez, M.; Eiroa, C.; Miranda, L. F.
The Beta Pictoris phenomenon among young stars. I. The case of Herbig AC star UX ORI 130 Grinin, V. P.; Rostopchina, A. N.; de Winter, D.; The, P. S.; van den Ancker, V.; Giampapa, M.; Tambovtseva, L. V.
The veiling continuum of T Tauri stars 132 Guenther, E.; Hessman, F. V.
On the nature of the Herbig Be stars MWC 137 and MWC 297 134 Miroshnichenko, S.
Herbig Ae/Be stars in the IUE archives 136 Talavera, A.; Verdugo, E.
8 MU M -13 MU M spectophotometry of Herbig Ae/Be stars 138 Wooden, D. H.
Radio emission from Herbig Ae/Be stars 143 Skinner, S. L.
Spectroscopic evidence of disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars 151 Corcoran, M.; Ray, T.
Near-infrared speckle observations of Herbig stars 155 Leinert, Ch.; Richichi, A.; Weitzel, N.; Haas, M.
Models of dust shells around Herbig Ae/Be stars 167 Voshchinnikov, N. V.
Circumstellar dust around Herbig Ae/Be stars- a southern 1.3 MM continuum survey- 171 Henning, Th.; Launhardt, R.; Steinacker, J.; Thamm, E.
Dynamics of small grains near Herbig AE stars 177 Il'In, V. B.; Krivov, A. V.
100 micron observations of group I Herbig Ae/Be stars 181 di Francesco, J.; Evans, N. J.; Harvey, P. M.; Moody, L. G.; Butner, H. M.
Density profiles of the envelopes surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars 185 Butner, H. M.; di Francesco, J.; Evans, N. J.; Harvey, P. M.; Mundy, L. G.
Circumstellar structures around Herbig Ae/Be stars 189 Lorenzetti, D.; Nisini, B.; Berrili, F.; Strafella, F.
The evolotion of the IR-excess of HAeBe stars 193 van Duuren, R. F.; de Winter, D.; The, P. S.; van den Ancker, M. E.
Ionization structure of shelss around Herbig Ae/Be stars 197 Kholtygin, A. F.; Il'In, V. B.; Voshchinnikov, N. V.
Estimates of physical properties of obscuring dust clouds orbiting in protoplanetary disks of Herbig Ae/Be stars 199 Molster, F. J.; The, P. S.
Variable circumstellar obscuration and variability of emission lines in the spectra of the Herbig Ae/Be stars 201 Tambovtseva, L. V.; Grinin, V. P.
Infalling envelopes In Herbig Ae/Be stars 207 Calvet, N.; Hartmann, L.; Kenyon, S.; Whitney, B.
Detection of the accretion disk boundary layer of Herbig Ae/Be stars 211 Blondel, P. F. C.; Djie, H. R. E. Tjin A.
Reconciling accretion scenarios with inner holes: The thermal instability and the 2 MU M gap 215 Bell, K. R.
Clues against optically thick accretion disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars 219 Bohm, T.; Catala, C.
Spectroscopic diagnostic of disk accretion in Herbig Ae/Be stars 223 Ghandour, L.; Strom, S.; Edwards, S.; Hillenbrand, L.
Accretion induced spin-up and spin-down in Be stars with circumstellar disks 227 Rathnasree, N.
The nature of hot regions of young stars 230 Lamzin, S. A.
Spectral evidences of gas accretion in young stars with non-periodic algol-type minima 232 Grinin, V. P.; Kozlova, O. V.; Rostopchina, A. N.
Optical outflows from Herbig Ae/Be stars and other high luminosity young stellar objects 237 Mundt, R.; Ray, T. P.
GN08.15.9-The fast and dusty outflow of a luminous Herbig Ae/Be star 253 Staude, H. J.; Neckel, Th.
Far infrared variability of Herbig Ae/Be stars 257 Prusti, T.; Mitskevich, A. S.
Continuum observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars 261 Sandell, G.; Weintraub, D.
The H-maser- a signpost of massive star formation 265 Thum, C.; Martin-Pintado, J.
Spatial and kinematic properties of the forbidden emission line region of young stellar objects 270 Hirth, G. A.
Azimuthal structures in the wind and chromosphere of the Herbig AE star AB Aur. Preliminary results from the MUSICOS 1992 campaign 274 Catala, C.; Bohm, T.; Donati, J.-F.
The ionized envelopes of Herbig Ae/Be stars: Wind mass loss rates from near infrared lines 276 Nisini, B.; Milillo, A.; Saraceno, P.; Vitali, F.
ROSAT X-ray observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars 281 Zinnecker, H.; Preibisch, T.
X-ray 0bservatiotus of Herbig Ae/Be stars 291 Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
ROSAT HRI observations of B/A stars in Orion 295 Caillault, J.-P.; Gagne, M.; Stouffer, J. R.
X-ray emission from colliding winds in PMS binary systems 299 Zhekov, S. A.; Palla, F.; Myasnikov, A. M.
ROSAT observations of the Herbig stars HD 200775, BD +61 degrees 154 and VV SER 301 Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
Massive binary systems among the Herbig Ae/Be stars: Whence, whither, and how? 305 Shore, S. N.
Binarity among Herbig Ae/Be stars 315 Martin, E. L.
High angular resolution 10 MU M imaging of Herbig Ae/Be stars: LkH alpha 198 and LkH alpha 234 319 Cabrit, S.; Lagage, P. O.; Olofsson, G.
Speckle detection of the Z CMa infrared companion at optical wavelengths 323 Weigelt, G.; Zinnecker, H.
High resolution spectroscopic Study of TY CrA 327 Corporon, P.; Lagrange, A. M.; Bouvier, J.
Herbig Ae/Be Stars in young open clusters 331 Perez, M. R.
Star formation at the edge of the Rosette molecular cloud 339 Phelps, R. L.
PMS stars in the very young open cluster NGC 6530 343 van den Ancker, M. E.; The, P. S.
Young stellar objects in the S187 complex 345 Deharveng, L.; Zavagno, A.; Caplan, J.
A new young stellar object in the S187 complex 347 Zavagno, A.; Deharveng, L.; Caplan, J.
Ae/Be star candidates in the Cepheus OB2 association 349 Kun, M.
The BD+40 degrees 4124 stellar cluster 351 Aspin, C.; Sandell, G.; Weintraub, D.; Blanco, P.
BD+40 Degrees 4124: Water maser, CO outflow and young stars 353 Palla, F.; Testi, L.; Natta, A.; Stanga, R.; Prusti, T.; Hunter, T. R.; Taylor, G. B.
The embedded population around Herbig Ae/Be stars 355 Testi, L.; Stanga, R. M.; Natta, A.; Palla, F.; Prusti, T.; Baffa, C.; Hunt, L. K.; Lisi, F.
The Herbig Ae/Be stars in young clusters and in compact star formation regions 358 Shevchenko, V. S.; Yakubov, S. D.
The formation and properties of Herbig Ae/Be shells 359 Shevchenko, V. S.
Interaction between Herbig Ae/Be stars and the surrounding medium 363 Graham, J. A.
Isolated Herbig Ae/Be stars: rare examples of individual high-mass star-forming events 369 Hillenbrand, L. A.
Distribution and kinematics of HCO+ around T Tauri 373 van Langevelde, H. J.; van Dischoeck, E. F.; Blake, G. A.
MWC 297: A comparison with the embedded YSO,S106 IR 377 Murdoch, K. A.; Drew, J. E.
Effect of fossil magnetic field on the rotation of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 381 Dudorov, A. E.; Pudritz, R. E.
A search for Herbig-Haro objects near Souther Herbig Ae/Be Stars 384 Eisloffel, J.; Ray, T. P.
Structure of the molecular cloud associated witg LkHα 234 386 Nakano, M.; Tatematsu, K.; Kogure, T.
The formation and evolution of Herbig Ae/Be stars 391 Palla, F.; Stahler, S. W.
The spectral evolution of Herbig Ae/Be stars 405 Waelkens, C.; Bogaert, E.; Waters, L. B. F. M.
HD 45677 and HD 50138: Identification of 2 B[e] stars as Herbig Be stars viewed through their circumstellar disks 409 Grady, C. A.; Perez, M. R.; The, P. S.
Massive pre-main sequence stars: the case of WRA 1484 413 de Winter, D.; The, P. S.; Perez, M. R.
Concluding Remarks 419 The, P. S.