Title: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun: Eighth Cambridge Workshop
Volume: 64 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Caillault, Jean-Pierre
ISBN: 0-937707-83-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-400-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Doing Hot Cool Star Science with EUVE (Invited Review) 3 Haisch, Bernhard; Bowyer, Stuart; Malina, Roger
EUVE Photometry Observations of Cool Stars (Invited Review) 13 Vedder, P. W.; Brown, A.; Drake, J. J.; Patterer, R. J.; Mathioudakis, M.; Gully, S.; Pettersen, B. R.
Coronal and Transition Region Spectroscopy of Cool Stars using EUVE (Invited Review) 23 Brown, Alexander
A CME Model for the 1992 July 15 Flare on AU MIC Observed by EUVE 32 Gully, Scott L.; Fisher, George H.; Siegmund, Oswald H. W.; Abbott, Mark
An EUV Dissection of a Flare on AU Microscopii 35 Drake, J. J.; Brown, A.; Bowyer, S.; Jelinsky, P.; Malina, R. F.; Wu, X. Y.
EUVE Observations of Late Type Stars with Minimum Levels of Activity 38 Mathioudakis, M.; Drake, J. J.; Vedder, P. W.; Patterer, R. J.; Bowyer, S.
EUVE Spectroscopy of XI UMa; sigma Gem; and Chi {1} ORI 41 Mewe, R.; Schrijver, C. J.; Kaastra, J. S.; Alkemade, F. J. M.; Haisch, B. M.
The EUV Spectrum of AT MIC 44 Monsignori Fossi, B. C.; Landini, M.; Del Zanna, G.; Drake, J. J.
Temperature and Density of a Flare on AU MIC Observed by the EUVE Spectrometers 47 Monsignori Fossi, B. C.; Landini, M.; Del Zanna, G.; Bowyer, S.
Sleuthing the Dynamo: HST/FOS Observations of UV Emissions of Solar-Type Stars in Young Clusters 53 Ayres, T.; Basri, G.; Simon, T.; Stauffer, J.; Stern, R.; Antiochos, S.; Bookbinder, J.; Brown, A.; Doschek, G.; Linsky, J.; Ramsey, L.; Walter, F.
GHRS Observations and Analysis of the 0 I and C I Resonance Lines in the UV Spectrum of alpha ORI (M2 Iab) 56 Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Robinson, Richard D.; Judge, Philip G.; Ebbets, Dennis C.; Brandt, John C.
Redshifts in Stellar Transition Regions 59 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.; Andrulis, C.
The Transition Regions of Capella 62 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.; Brown, A.; Andrulis, C.; Judge, P.; Ayres, T. R.
Modeling the Ultraviolet Photospheric Spectrum of Cool Stars: alpha ORI (M2 Iab) 65 Wahlgren, Glenn M.; Carpenter, Kenneth C.
X-Ray and H alpha Observations of Rapidly Rotating Pre-Main-Sequence Stars 71 Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Favata, F.
The ROSAT All-Sky Survey of BY Draconis Coronae 74 Dempsey, Robert C.; Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Fleming, Thomas A.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
The X-Ray Luminosity Function of the Nearby K and M Dwarfs: Results from ROSAT 77 Fleming, Thomas A.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Giampapa, Mark S.
Spectral and Temporal Characteristics of X-Ray Bright Pleiads 80 Gagne, Marc; Caillault, Jean-Pierre; Hartmann, L.; Prosser, C.; Stauffer, J. R.
Deep ROSAT HRI Observations of the Orion Nebula 83 Gagne, Marc; Caillault, Jean-Pierre; Sharkey, Eric; Stauffer, J. R.
ROSAT Observations of Solar-Type G Stars 86 Gudel, Manuel; Schmitt, Jurgen H. M. M.; Kurster, Martin; Benz, Arnold O.
X-Ray Emission from Halo M Dwarfs 89 Hawley, Suzanne L.; Feigelson, Eric D.
ROSAT All-Sky Survey Observations of MBM 40 & MBM 55 92 Hearty, Thomas; Caillault, J.-P.; Magnani, Loris; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
X-Ray Emission vs. Rotation for Solar-Type Stars 95 Hempelmann, A.; Rudiger, C.; Schultz, M.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Stepien, K.
EUV Selected Short-Period Binary Systems 98 Jeffries, R. D.; James, D. J.; Bromage, G. E.
Chromospheric and Coronal Activity in NGC 6475 101 Jeffries, R. D.; James, D. J.; Prosser, C. F.; Stauffer, J. R.; Balachandran, S.; Bromage, G. E.; Caillault, J.-P.; Pye, J. P.; Stern, R.
A Nine-Day Long X-Ray Flare on CF TUC 104 Kurster, M.
Simultaneous X-Ray and UV Observations of the dMe Flare Star AT MIC 107 McGale, P. A.; Pye, J. P.; Hodgkin, S. T.
An X-Ray Study of a Coeval Star Population: A Deep ROSAT Observation of the Core of the Pleiades Cluster 110 Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Kashyap, V.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Rosner, R.
ROSAT Survey Observation of T Tauri Stars in Taurus 113 Neuhauser, R.; Sterzik, M. F.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Structure and Stability of the Corona of Algol 116 Ottmann, R.
Modelling the X-Ray Light Curve of CC ERI 119 Pan, H. C.; Jordan, C.
Optical Identification of ROSAT Sources in the Open Cluster M67 122 Pasquini, L.; Belloni, T.
A ROSAT HRI Survey of the Young Cluster NGC 2264 125 Patten, Brian M.; Simon, Theodore; Strom, Stephen E.; Strom, Karen M.
A Deep X-Ray Survey of the Hyades Star Cluster with ROSAT 128 Pye, J. P.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Morley, J. E.; Stern, R. A.; Stauffer, J. R.
ROSAT Observations of the Praesepe Cluster 131 Randich, S.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
ROSAT All-Sky Survey Observations of the Hyades 134 Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Stern, R. A.
The Eclipsing X-Ray Binary alpha CrB 137 Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Kurster, M.
A Variability Study of X-Ray Emission of Pleiades Stars 140 Sciortino, S.; Micela, C.; Kashyap, V.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Rosner, R.
A ROSAT X-Ray Study of the Near-Contact Binaries 143 Shaw, J. S.; Caillault, J.-P.; Peltier, S. J.
ROSAT Observations of FK Comae Berenices 146 Welty, Alan D.; Ramsey, Lawrence W.
The Rotational Evolution of Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars (Invited Review) 151 Bouvier, J.
Angular Momentum Evolution of Young Main Sequence Stars. 163 Stauffer, J.
Angular Momentum Evolution of Late-Type Stars: A Theoretical Perspective (Invited Review) 174 MacGregor, K. B.; Charbonneau, P.
T Tauri Stars, Disc Brakes and the ZAMS Rotation Distribution 187 Collier Cameron, Andrew; Campbell, Christopher; Quaintrell, Hannah
A Search for Periodicities in Balmer Line Profiles of Six T Tauri Stars 190 Johns, Christopher M.; Basri, Gibor
Angular Momentum Loss from the Young Sun: Improved Wind and Dynamo Models 193 Keppens, R.; Charbonneau, P.; MacGregor, K. B.; Brandenburg, A.
Mean-Flow System in a Solar-Type Convection Zone 196 Kitchatinov, Leonid L.; Rudiger, Gunther
Solar and Stellar Differential Rotation 199 Kuker, M.; Rudiger, G.; Kitchatinov, L. L.
Rotational Velocities of F Dwarfs 202 Piters, Ankie J. M.; Groot, Paul; van Paradijs, Jan
Rotational Modulation of Naked T Tauri Stars -A Low Tech; Low Cost Approach 205 Wolk, Scott J.; Walter, Frederick M.
Li Abundance and Surface Rotation: Evolution from Pre-Main-Sequence Phases to the ZAMS (Invited Review) 211 Strom, Stephen E.
Lithium on the Main Sequence (Invited Review) 234 Balachandran, Suchitra
Lithium, Activity and Post-Main-Sequence Evolution (Invited Review) 244 Pallavicini, R.
Stellar Evolution and Lithium (Invited Review) 254 Pinsonneault, M. H.
Lithium in the T Tauri Stars UX Tau A and LkCa 19 264 Balachandran, Suchitra; Carr, John S.
The Weak Lithium Depletion on Dwarf Components of Chromospherically Active Binaries 267 Barrado, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.
The Non-LTE Formation of Li I Lines from Cool Stars 270 Carlsson, M.; Rutten, R. J.; Bruls, J. H. M. J.; Shchukina, N. G.
Diffusion and Rotational Mixing in Stellar Models 273 Chaboyer, Brian; Demarque, P.
The Correlation Between Lithium and Activity in Late-Type Main Sequence Stars 276 Favata, F.; Barbera, M.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
Lithium in Chromospherically Active Giants 279 Fekel, Francis C.; Balachandran, Suchitra
Beryllium Abundances in Lower Main-Sequence Hyades Stars 282 Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Rebolo, R.; Perez de Taoro, M. R.
NLTE-Radiation Transfer Modelling of Li I Lines in dM Atmospheres 285 Houdebine, E. R.; Doyle, J. G.
Lithium Rich Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood 288 Jeffries, R. D.; James, D. J.
Lithium Abundances in Very Young Double-Lined Spectroscopic Binaries 291 Lee, C. W.; Martin, E. L.; Mathieu, R. D.
Lithium Abundances in Nearby Solar-Like Stars 294 Pasquini, L.; Edvardsson, B.; Liu, Q.; Pallavicini, R.
Early Evolution of Lithium Abundances in Low Mass Stars 297 Rebolo, R.; Martin, E. L.; Garcia Lopez, R. J.
The Lithium Test for Brown Dwarfs: New Results 300 Rebolo, R.; Martin, E.; Magazzu, A.
Optical Studies of Cool Stars Discovered by EXOSAT: Li Abundances and H alpha Spectroscopy 303 Tagliaferri, G.; Cutispoto, G.; Pallavicini, R.; Pasquini, L.; Randich, S.
Characteristic Signatures of Solar Activity from the Small Scale Magnetic Field. 309 Habbal, S. R.
The Time Evolution of Magnetic Flux, Dynamos, and Surface Structures on Cool Stars 319 Saar, S. H.
Activity and Braking of Evolving Cool Stars (Invited Review) 328 Schrijver, C. J.
Comparison of Efficiencies of a UV Ceti-Type Flare Star; Solar and Planetary Radio Emission Mechanisms 339 Abada-Simon, M.; Lecacheux, A.; Louarn, P.; Dulk, G. A.; Belkora, L.; Bookbinder, J. A.
A Search for Sunspot Canopies Using a Vector Magnetograph 342 Adams, M.; Solanki, S. K.; Hagyard, M. J.; Moore, R. L.
Co-ordinated Observations of the Red Dwarf Flare Star EV Lac in 1991 345 Alekseev, I. Yu.; Gershberg, R. E.; Ilyin, I. V.; Shakhovskaya, N. I.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.; Avgoloupis, S.; Mavridis, L. N.; Seiradakis, J. H.; Kidger, M. R.; Panferova, I. P.; Pustil'nik, L. A.
ZAMS Stars in Our Own Backyard - The Rotation-Activity Relation 348 Ambruster, C. W.; Brown, A.; Fekel, F. C.
The Shocking Truth about Beta Cassiopeia 351 Ayres, T. R.
Stellar Dynamos: The Rossby Number Dependence 354 Brandenburg, A.; Charbonneau, P.; Kitchatinov, L. L.; Rudiger, G.
Stellar Dynamo Models: From F to K 357 Brandenburg, A.; Saar, S. H.; Moss, D.; Tuominen, I.
Lyman-Alpha Emission as a Diagnostic of Superthermal Proton Properties in Stellar Flares 360 Brosius, J. W.; Robinson, R. D.; Maran, S. P.
Theoretical Basal Flux Limits from Acoustic Wave Calculations 363 Buchholz, B.; Ulmschneider, P.
Effects of Metallicity on Chromospheric Emission in Cool Giants: Results from Acoustic Wave Models 368 Cuntz, M.; Ulmschneider, P.
The Link Between the Solar Dynamo and Climate -The Evidence from a Long Mean Air-Temperature Series from Northern Ireland 372 Butler, C. J.; Johnston, D. E.
H alpha Variability on HK Aqr: Coronal Condensations or Plages? 375 Byrne, P. B.; Mathioudakis, M.; Young, A.; Skumanich, A.
Measurement of HeI lambda 10830 angstroms in the Flare Star, V1005 ORI (=GL 182) 378 Byrne, P. B.; Lanzafame, A. C.
Rotational Modulation of Transition Region Emission over Two Rotations of the RS CVn Star, II Peg 381 Byrne, P. B.; Lanzafame, A. C.; Murphy, H. M.; Watters, E.
Where Does H alpha ARISE in the RS CVn Star, II Peg? 384 Byrne, P. B.; Lanzafame, A. C.; Panagi, P. M.; Avgoloupis, S.; Seiradakis, J. H.; Kilkenny, D. M.; Marang, F.; Roberts, G.; van Wyk, F.; Panov, K. P.
Distribution of Magnetic Flux on the Surface of Rapidly Rotating Stars 387 Caligari, P.; Schussler, M.; Stix, M.; Solanki, S. K.
Evidence for Physically Distinct Source Regions for Balmer and CA II Excess Emission in RS CVn Binaries 390 McMath Chester, Margaret; Hall, Jeffrey C.; Buzasi, Derek L.
The SPOT Cycle of IM Peg (HR 8703) 393 Dempsey, Robert C.; Bopp, Bernard W.; Henry, Gregory W.; Hall, Doug
Evidence of Surface Differential Rotation (SDR) in Lower Main-Sequence Stars. 396 Donahue, R. A.; Baliunas, S. L.
The Decline of Solar Magnetic Activity with Age 399 Dorren, J. D.; Guinan, E. F.; Dewarf, L. E.
Dynamics of a Low Energetic Solar Flare 402 Doyle, J. G.; Fludra, A.; Bentley, R. D.; Culhane, J. L.; Metcalf, T.; Lemen, J. R.; Kosugi, T.
Multiwavelength Campaign of the Magnetically Active T Tauri Star HD 283447 405 Feigelson, Eric D.; Welty, Alan D.; Imhoff, Catherine L.; Hall, Jeffrey C.; Etzel, Paul B.; Deeney, Bryan D.; Phillips, Robert B.; Lonsdale, Colin J.
The Einstein Observatory Survey of the Orion Nebula 408 Gagne, Marc; Caillault, Jean-Pierre
The Data Base on the UV CET Type Flare Stars and Related Objects 411 Gershberg, R. E.; Terebizh, A. V.; Shakhovskaya, N. I.; Katsova, M. M.
Geometry, and the Interpretation of Chromospheric Spectra 414 Harper, Graham M.
Long Term SPOT Activity on RS CVn 417 Heckert, Paul A.; Ordway, James I.
Models for M Dwarf Basal Atmospheres 420 Houdebine, E. R.; Doyle, J. G.
Effect of the Star Effective Temperature on the Hydrogen and Calcium Spectra in M-G Dwarfs 423 Houdebine, E. R.; Doyle, J. G.
What Does the IR-Excess Show for Late-Type Stars? 426 Katsova, M. M.; Tsikoudi, V.
Observational Tests to Distinguish Between the Electron and Proton Beams as Flaring Heating Agents 429 Katsova, M. M.; Livshits, M. A.
Wavelet Analysis of Solar Magnetic Structures 432 Komm, Rudolf W.
Time Resolved H alpha Spectroscopy of Short-Period RS CVn Systems 435 Lazaro, C.; Arevalo, M. J.
The Relationship Between Radiative and Magnetic Fluxes on Three Active Solar-type Dwarfs 438 Linsky, J. L.; Andrulis, C.; Saar, S. H.; Ayres, T. R.; Giampapa, M. S.
High Velocity Plasma in the Transition Region of AU Mic: A Stellar Analog of Solar Explosive Events 441 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.
Spectroscopic Study of Five Chromospherically Active Binaries with the H alpha Line in Emission 444 Montes, D.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.
Frequent Flares on HR 1099 in December 1992 447 Neff, James E.; Pagano, Isabella; Rodono, Marcello
The Long-Term Behaviour of the Upper Atmosphere of AR Lac (1981-1991) 450 Pagano, I.; Rodono, M.; Neff, J. E.; Walter, F. M.
Chromospheric Activity in Pop II Binaries 453 Pasquini, L.; Lindgren, H.
A Search For Microflaring Activity on dMe Flare Stars 456 Robinson, R. D.; Carpenter, K. G.; Percival, J. W.
A Long-Term Program of Monitoring Active Stars with the Catania Automated Photometric Telescope 459 Rodono, M.; Cutispoto, G.
VLA and AT Survey of High Latitude T Tauri Stars 462 Rucinski, Slavek M.; Lim, Jeremy
Are Magnetic Features on epsilon ERI Cold or Hot? 465 Rueedi, I.; Solanki, S. K.; Mathys, G.; Saar, S. H.
The Evolution of Stellar Dynamo Variations. 468 Saar, S. H.; Brandenburg, A.; Donahue, R. A.; Baliunas, S. L.
Spatial and Temporal Activity Variations on AD Leo 471 Saar, S. H.; Morgan, M. R.; Bookbinder, J. A.; Walter, F. M.; Valenti, J. A.; Misch, T.; Bopp, B. W.; Hale, A.
How Accurate Are Stellar Magnetic Field Measurements? II. Analysis of Disk-Integrated Flux Tube Models 474 Saar, S. H.; Buente, M.; Solanki, S. K.
Must the Magnetic Field Saturate on Rapidly Rotating Stars? 477 Solanki, S. K.
Three-Dimensional Doppler Imaging of the Active Atmosphere of HU Virgo 480 Strassmeier, Klaus G.
Time-Series Photometric SPOT Modeling of the RS CVn Binary HR 7275 483 Strassmeier, Klaus G.; Hall, Douglas S.
A New Rotation-Activity Relation for Evolved G and K Stars 486 Strassmeier, Klaus C.
Multiline Zeeman Analysis of epsilon Eridani in the Near IR 489 Valenti, J. A.; Marcy, G. W.; Basri, G.
The Rest of Orion: Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars Outside the Orion Nebula 492 Walter, Frederick M.
Spectroscopic Monitoring of V410 Tauri 495 Welty, Alan D.; Ramsey, Lawrence W.
A Search for gamma-Ray Emission from Active Stars 498 White, S. M.; Harmon, B. A.; Lim, J.; Kundu, M. R.
The Radio Spectra of Weak-Lined T Tauri Stars 501 White, S. M.; Pallavicini, R.; Lim, J.
A Search for Radio Emission in the Alpha Persei Cluster. 504 White, S. M.; Prosser, C. F.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Perspectives on the Relationship between Activity and Fundamental Stellar Parameters (Invited Review) 509 Giampapa, M. S.
The Parameters of M Dwarfs (Invited Review) 520 Liebert, James
Astronomy on the Edge: The Physical Theory of Brown Dwarfs and Late M Dwarfs (Invited Review) 528 Burrows, Adam; Hubbard, W. B.; Lunine, J. I.
Implications of Model Atmospheres for the Inferred Properties of M (Sub)Dwarfs and Brown Dwarfs 542 Allard, F.
Infrared Photometry of RS CVn Short-Period Systems 545 Arevalo, M. J.; Lazaro, C.
Multiple Components to XY UMa Light 548 Arevalo, M. J.; Lazaro, C.; Martinez-Roger, C.; Fuensalida, J. J.
Orbital Characteristics of X-Ray-Selected Spectroscopic Binaries 551 Baker, Andrew J.; Stefanik, Robert P.; Marschall, Laurence A.; Latham, David W.; Nations, Harold L.
Deep 4-Meter CCD Surveys: Detection of Very Low Mass Stars 554 Boeshaar, P. C.; Tyson, J. A.; Bernstein, G. M.
Low Activity M Dwarfs 557 Doyle, J. G.; Houdebine, E. R.; Mathioudakis, M.
Alpha Centauri A Revisited 560 Furenlid, I.; Kurucz, R. L.; Meylan, T.
A Search for Brown Dwarfs in IC 2602 563 Hambly, N. C.; Jameson, R. F.
A Deep Search for Very Cool Stars 566 Hawkins, M. R. S.
Reconnaissance of the Nearby Stars 569 Henry, Todd J.
Spectroscopy of Pleiades Brown Dwarfs 572 Jameson, R. F.; Steele, I. A.
Are the Latest M Dwarfs Substellar?: A Collection of Recent Observational Results 575 Kirkpatrick, J. Davy
Double-Lined Pre-Main Sequence Binaries: A Test of Pre-Main Sequence Evolutionary Theory 578 Lee, C. W.; Mathieu, R. D.
Time Variability of Circumstellar Silicate Emission - Models for AU Cygni 581 Little-Marenin, Irene R.; Bauer, Wendy Hagen
Spectral Energy Distributions of Pop. II Stars in the UV: a Signature of Non-Radiative Heating 584 Malagnini, M. L.; Morossi, C.; Franchini, M.
A Search for Brown Dwarfs using Doppler Shifts 587 Marcy, G. W.; Butler, R. P.
Atmospheric Parameters from Synthetic DDO Photometry 590 Morossi, C.; Franchini, M.; Malagnini, M. L.
Modelling of H alpha, CaII, and Chromospheric Heating 593 Panagi, P. M.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Young Stellar Objects (Invited Review) 599 Carr, John S.
Observation of the N = 8-7 Rydberg Transition of Hydrogen in Emission in the Solar Infrared Spectrum and the Search for Equivalent Magnesium Lines 608 Clark, T. A.; Naylor, D. A.; Tompkins, G. J.
Radiative Instabilities in Cool Star Atmospheres: Effects due to CO and SiO Molecules 611 Cuntz, M.; Muchmore, D. O.
An Infrared Spectral Sequence for M Dwarfs 614 Jones, H. R. A.; Longmore, A. J.; Jameson, R. F.
Some Recent Advances in Iterative Blind Deconvolution (Invited Review) 619 Jefferies, Stuart M.
Stellar Surface Mapping by Matrix Lightcurve Inversion (Invited Review) 628 Wild, Walter J.; Rosner, Robert; Harmon, Robert; Drish, William F., Jr.
Interferometric Imaging of Cool Stars: Progress & Potential (Invited Review) 641 McAlister, Harold A.
Sub-Arc Second 10 MU M Imaging of Circumstellar Dust 649 Bloemhof, E. E.; Danen, R. M.
High Angular Resolution Observations of the R AQR Symbiotic System 652 Karovska, M.; McCarthy, D. W.; Christou, J. C.
The Dynamics of the Solar Granulation Investigated by Fractal Statistics 655 Nesis, A.; Hammer, R.; Hanslmeier, A.
Simultaneous SPOT and Chromosphere Maps of FK Comae 658 Piskunov, N. E.; Huenemoerder, D.; Saar, S. H.
Multiepoch Magnetic Surface Images of LQ Hya 661 Saar, S. H.; Piskunov, N. E.; Tuominen, I.
Interferometry and Cepheid Diameters & Distances 664 Sasselov, D.; Karovska, M.
The Sensitivity of Doppler Imaging to Errors in the Line Profile Shape 667 Unruh, Yvonne C.; Collier Cameron, Andrew
Circulant Matrix Formulation for Doppler Imaging 670 Wild, Walter J.
Absolute Magnitudes of Luminous Late-Type Stars from UV Companions 675 Ake, T. B.; Parsons, S. B.
The Unusual S Star System HD 191589 678 Ake, T. B.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Johnson, H. R.; Jorissen, A.
Coronal Winds from Giants and Supergiants 681 Ayres, T. R.; Kashyap, V.
The Neutral Sodium D2 Line in 33 Late-Type Stars 684 Boice, D. C.
Photometry of Serendipitous X-Ray Sources Detected by EXOSAT. II. an Update 687 Cutispoto, G.; Rodono, M.; Pallavicini, R.; Tagliaferri, G.
An Efficient Way of Identifying New Active Stars: A VLA Survey of X-Ray-Selected Active Stellar Candidates 690 Drake, S. A.; Simon, T.; Linsky, J. L.; White, N. E.
Up the Red Giant Branch in M67. 693 Dupree, A. K.; Whitney, B. A.
Geometry of the Binary System 22 Vul=QS VUL 696 Eaton, Joel A.; Henry, Gregory W.; Seeds, Michael A.
The MUSICOS Network for Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy 699 Foing, B. H.; The MUSICOS Collaboration; Catala, C.; Baudrand, J.; Boehm, T.; Hubert, A. M.; Jankov, S.; Cutispoto, G.; Catalano, S.; Pagano, I.; Rodono, M.; Umana, G.; Zhai, D. S.; Jiang, S.; Huang, L.; Hao, J. X.; Char, S.; Houdebine, E. R.; Ayres, T.; Neff, J. E.; Simon, T.; Butler, C. J.; Collier-Cameron, A.; Kennelly, T.; Walker, G.; Talavera, A.
Eclipse Observations of Active Binary Systems 702 Gunn, A. G.; Doyle, J. G.; Houdebine, E. R.
Novae at Maximum Light: They can be Cool! 705 Hauschildt, P. H.; Starrfleld, S.; Allard, F.
Time Series Spectroscopy of II Pegasi in October 1991 708 Huenemoerder, David P.
Infrared Emission and Dynamics of Outflows in Late-Type Stars 711 Ivezic, Zeljko; Elitzur, Moshe
SI II Diagnostics in Late-Type Dwarfs 714 Lanzafame, A. C.
Infrared Light Curves of Algol Type Systems 717 Lazaro, C.; Arevalo, M. J.; Martinez-Pais, I. G.; Antonopoulou, E.
Is L134N a Stellar Nursery? 720 Magnani, Loris; Caillault, J.-P.; Hearty, Thomas; Buchalter, Ari
Distance Measurements to the Pleiades and alpha Persei Clusters Using a New Distance Estimator 723 O'dell, M. A.; Hendry, M. A.; Collier Cameron, A.
Measurements of Starspot Area and Temperature on II Peg 726 O'Neal, D.; Neff, J. E.; Saar, S. H.
The Spectral Variability of BP Tauri 729 Simon, Theodore; Imhoff, C. L.; Basri, G. S.; Ayres, T. R.
CA II K Emission Line Asymmetries among M Giants 732 Smith, Graeme H.
Line Profile Modelling of Classical Cepheids: The Role of Turbulence 735 Stift, M. J.; Gillet, D.