Title: The Future Utilisation of Schmidt Telescopes, IAU Colloquium 148
Volume: 84 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Chapman, Jessica; Cannon, Russell; Harrison, Sandra; Hidayat, Bambang
ISBN: 1-886733-05-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-420-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Formal Opening 3 Arismunandar, W.
Welcome Speech 5 Hidayat, B.
Schmidt Telescopes: Their Past, Present and Future 8 Cannon, R. D.
The Bosscha Observatory Schmidt Telescope 15 van Albada-van Dien, E.
The Use of CCDs on Schmidt Telescopes 21 Armandroff, T. E.
Schmidt CCD Astronomy at BAO 30 Chen, J.-S.
CCD Cameras for the KISO 105 CM Schmidt Telescope 33 Yoshida, S.; Aoki, T.; Soyano, T.; Tarusawa, K.; Sekiguchi, M.; Doi, M.; Kashikawa, N.; Okamura, S.; Shimasaku, K.; Yagi, M.; Yasuda, N.
Asteroid Surveys and other CCD Projects using the Observatoire de la Cote D'Azur (OCA) Schmidt Telescope 38 Maury, A.
Astronomy with the Automated Patrol Telescope 44 Carter, B. D.; Ashley, M. C. B.; Bembrick, C. S.; Brooks, P. W.; Mitchell, P.; Storey, J. W. V.
Near-Infrared Imaging with the 105cm KISO Schmidt 48 Ichikawa, T.; Tarusawa, K.; Yanagisawa, K.; Itoh, N.
TAUMOK - Multi-Object Spectroscopy with the Tautenburg Schmidt Telescope 52 Marz, S.; Lehmann, H.; Pluto, M.; Ziener, R.
CCDs on the Curtis Schmidt Telescope 53 Seitzer, P.; Houk, N.
First Results for CCD Observations with the 70 CM Meniscus Telescope 56 Kurtanidze, O. M.; Kvernadze, T. M.
Use of CCDs in Schmidt Telescopes for the Investigation of H-alpha Emission of Flare Stars 60 Szecsenyi-Nagy, G.
The Nova and Supernova Star Patrol at Abastumaiu 65 Kimeridze, G. N.; Kvernadze, T. M.
Multi-fibre Spectroscopy with Schmidt Telescopes 71 Watson, F. G.
Fibre Optic Light Guide for the Telescope: Some Experiments 81 Handojo, A.; Fachrizal, N.
On the Applicability of Fibre-Fed Multi-Object Spectrographs in Flare Star Research 85 Szecsenyi-Nagy, C.
From Milliarcsecond Proper Motions to the Discovery of Dark Matter: Some Winning Cards still in the hands of Photographic Astronomy 90 Guibert, J.; Souchay, J.
Wide-field Astronomy with Tech Pan Film - A Positive Outlook for Schmidt Photography 96 Parker, Q. A.; Phillipps, S.; Morgan, D.
A Search for M32-Iike Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster using FLAIR 107 Holman, B.; Drinkwater, M.; Gregg, M.
Compact Galaxies in the Virgo Field 111 Drinkwater, M. J.; Hardy, E.; Yearsley, J. M.
The Latest Results from the Durham/UKST Galaxy Redshift Survey 116 Broadbent, A.; Shanks, T.; Fong, R.; Parker, Q. A.; Watson, F. C.
Detecting Extra-solar Planetary Transits with a Schmidt 124 Parry, I. R.; Watson, F. C.; Carrasco, B. F.
A Magnitude Limited Redshift Survey near the SGP 129 Parker, Q. A.
Sky Surveys and Atlases from the Large Schmidt Telescopes 137 Morgan, D. H.
Schmidt Telescope Plate Archives 148 Tsvetkov, M.; Stavrev, K.; Tsvetkova, K.; Mutafov, A.; Michailov, M.-E.
A Southern Digital Sky Survey using the UK Schmidt Telescope 156 Peterson, B. A.
Searching for Near-Earth Asteroids with the UK Schmidt Telescope at the AAO 159 Steel, D. I.; McNaught, R. H.; Garradd, C. J.; Russell, K. S.; Asher, D. J.
Near-Earth Asteroids on Archival Schmidt Plates 170 McNaught, R. H.; Steel, D. I.; Russell, K. S.; Williams, G. V.
Digitisation; Archiving and Distribution of Photographic Data from Schmidt Surveys 177 Lasker, B. M.
The Analysis of Digitised Objective Prism Spectra 186 Stock, J.
A Deep Wide Field Survey from Digitally Stacked Schmidt Plates 192 Hawkins, M. R. S.
Faint Features of Galaxies revealed by the Digital Co-addition of Schmidt Plates 200 Kemp, S. N.; Meaburn, J.
Schmidt-plate Astrometry - Dinosaurs in Action 209 Reid, I. N.
Guide Star Catalogue revisited - the determination of proper motions 218 Röser, S.; Bastian, U.; Kuzmin, A. V.
Proper Motions from Schmidt Plate Scans at STScI 224 MacConnell, D. J.; Roberts, W. J.; Williamson, R. L., II
Proper Motion Survey in the Pleiades 228 Souchay, J.; Schilbach, B.
An Attempt to Derive the Proper Motion for Blanco Cluster 1 232 Hidayat, B.; Wiyanto, P.
Astrometry with Schmidt Telescopes for Probing the Galaxy 234 Murray, C. A.
Astrometric Programmes of the Abastumani Observatory 241 Chanturiya, S. M.; Inasaridze, R. I.; Kiladze, R. I.; Kurtanidze, O. M.
The Importance of Schmidt Astrometry for the Optical Identification of Sources Detected in other Wavebands 245 Savage, A.; Cannon, R. D.
Large Scale Galactic Structure 259 Gilmore, G.; Ibata, R.
The Tautenburg Schmidt Telescope and Galactic Proper Motion Studies 267 Schilbach, E.; Scholz, R.-D.; Hirte, S.
The Stellar Space Distributions of dA and gK Stars 271 Dawanas, D. N.; Hidayat, B.
Determination of the C/M5+ Ratio in the Galactic Disk 276 Fuenmayor, F. J.
The Edinburgh-Cape Blue Object Survey 280 Stobie, R. S.; Kilkenny, D.; O'Donoghue, D.; Chen, A.
The Michigan 10-Degree Blue Spectral Survey as a Basis for Future Deep Schmidt Surveys 292 Houk, N.; von Hippel, T.
A Southern Sky Survey of Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 296 Thackrah, A. D.; Hawkins, M. R. S.
A Search for Late M Supergiant Stars in the Direction of -2 degrees less than B less than 2 degrees and Galactic Longitude 351 degrees less than L less than 1 degree 301 Raharto, M.; Ishida, K.; Hidayat, B.; Ichikawa, T.; Hamajima, K.
An Infrared Colour Discriminator for Giant and Supergiant Optical M Stars 307 Raharto, M.
IRAS Identification of Complete Samples of Cool Carbon Stars: Results for a Region in Carmna 311 Fuenmayor, F. J.; Stock, J.
Aitoff Projection Plots and Other Statistical Results for Stars in Volumes 1-4 of the Michigan Catalogue of MK Types for the HD Stars 315 Houk, N.; Sowell, J.; Austin, S.
A Near-IR Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane 316 Mac Connell, D. J.; Wing, R. F.; Costa, E. H.
Objective-Prism Spectroscopy: Retrospective and Prospective 323 MacConnell, D. J.
A Large Number of Herbig-Haro Candidates Found by the Contrast Enhancement and Unsharp Masking Technique 331 Ogura, K.
Why We Need a Deep Spectral Survey of the Milky Way 337 Kurtanidze, O. M.; Nikolashvili, M. C.
Measurement of Rose Indices on a KISO 4-Degree Objective Prism Plate 344 Lee, S. C.
The CIDA Schmidt Objective-Prism Survey: Fields in Taurus-Auriga and Ophiucus 347 Briceno, C.; Calvet, N.
A Deep Spectral Survey of Peculiar A-Type Stars 353 Kurtanidze, O. M.; Nikolashvili, M. C.
The Star Forming Regions of Orion 357 Kogure, T.
Studies of Extended Southern Galactic Clusters and Loose Star Groupings using the Bosscha Schmidt Telescope 365 Wiramihardja, S. D.; Hidayat, B.; Tejawijaya, I.; Hakim, Hakim; Malasan, L.
Detailed Studies of Trapezium-type Multiple Stellar Systems 370 Salukvadze, G. N.; Javakhishvili, C. Sh.; Kurtanidze, O. M.
A Survey of Emission-Line Stars in the Outer Part of the Orion Star-Forming Region 374 Wiramihardja, S. D.; Nakano, M.; Kogure, T.
Nature of Emission-Line Stars in the Outer Orion Region 376 Nakano, M.; McGregor, P. J.
The Search for Stellar Variability in M67: Ensemble Photometry with the Burrell Schmidt Telescope 380 Joner, M. D.; Hintz, E. G.; Stephens, T.; Nelson, K. A.; Moore, H.; Moody, J. W.
The Stellar Structure of the Orion Spiral Arm in Selected Directions. I. The Galactic Anticenter 384 Kvernadze, T. M.
Surveys for HA Emission-Line Stars using the Bosscha Schmidt Telescope 388 Hidayat, B.; Ogura, K.; Shinohara, M.
The Study of Stellar Populations and Dynamics in the Small Magellanic Cloud using the UKST 397 Hatzidimitriou, D.
Star Counts and Spectral Classification in Star Formation Regions of the Magellanic Clouds 405 Kontizas, M.; Morgan, D. H.; Bellas-Vellidis, Y.; Kontizas, E.
Merger in M31's Bulge and 3-D Accretion - A BVRI CCD Study at KISO 409 Sofue, Y.
The UKST survey of Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud 415 Morgan, D. H.
Photometry of Galaxies on KISO Schmidt Plates 419 Ichikawa, T.
A Survey for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies using Tech Pan Film 428 Schwartzenberg, J. M.; Phillipps, S.; Parker, Q. A.
Multi-Wavelength Imaging of Galaxies - Using KISO Schmidt CCD Photometry 432 van Driel, W.
Out of the Archive: Faint Features of Bright Galaxies 436 Malin, D.; Hadley, B.
Survey Catalogues of KISO Ultraviolet-Excess Galaxies 443 Miyauchi-Isobe, N.; Takase, B.; Okamura, S.
CCD Observations of Gravitational Lenses and Extragalactic Supernovae with the Brorfelde Schmidt Telescope 450 Florentin-Nielsen, R.; Joergensen, H. E.
Comments on Extragalactic Objective-Prism Work 456 Bidelman, W. P.
Schmidt Telescopes and Quasar Surveys 459 Hewett, P. C.
Observational Constraints on Cosmological Models 470 Padmanabhan, T.
Cosmology with Stacked Schmidt Plates 478 McNally, S. J.; Peacock, J. A.; Hawkins, M. R. S.
A Study of the Variability and Proper Motions of Quasars based on Tautenburg Schmidt Plates 486 Meusinger, H.; Klose, S.; Ziener, R.; Scholz, R.-D.
Compact Groups of Galaxies found using the COSMOS Catalogue 490 Barnes, D. G.; Drinkwater, M. J.
Quasar Spectroscopy with FLAJR 497 Parker, Q. A.; Clowes, R. G.; Watson, F. G.
An Optical Study of a Sample of Active Galaxies 503 Surace, C.; Comte, C.; Guibert, J.; Moreau, O.
BVRI CCD Photometry of Galaxies in Abell Clusters: Hubble Types from Undersampled Data 505 Moody, J. W.; Hintz, E. G.; Joner, M. D.
Galaxy Clustering in the Southern Hemisphere 510 Collins, C. A.
The Red Bright Quasar Survey (RBQS) 522 Sealey, K. M.; Drinkwater, M. J.; Irwin, M. J.; Webb, J. K.
A Deep Multicolour CCD Survey for Quasar Candidates with the OCA Schmidt Telescope 528 Moreau, O.; Gosset, E.; Royer, P.
Possible Collaborative Network with Small Telescopes and a Standard CCD in Japan 537 Isobe, S.
Regional Co-operation 542 Ishida, K.
Regional Co-operation: The Case in Astronomy 546 Hidayat, B.
Conference Summary 553 Cannon, R. D.
Closing Speech 556 Arismunandar, W.