Title: Cape Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Volume: 85 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Buckley, D. A. H.; Warner, B.
ISBN: 1-886733-06-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-421-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Discovery Of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable Stars 3 Warner, B.
Fundamental Properties of Polars 10 Bailey, J.
Accretion on to Magnetic White Dwarfs 21 King, A. R.
Multiwaveband Polarimetry of Magnetic CVs 31 Piirola, V.
Discussion Summary I; Group Properties, Definitions and Basics 38 Watson, M. G.
Cyclotron Emission and the Magnetic Fields of AM Herculis Systems 43 Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Ferrario, L.
Subtle Signatures of Magnetic Fields 54 Szkody, P.
Isolated Magnetic White Dwarfs 59 Liebert, J.
Magnetic Disruption of Discs - Analogues in Other Systems 68 Lasota, J.-P.
Magnetic Accretion in Young Stellar Objects 74 Hessman, F. V.
Nova Outbursts on Magnetic White Dwarfs 80 Livio, M.
Discussion Summary II: Magnetism and its Effects 89 Chanmugam, G.
Ejecta Mass in the Magnetic(?) Nova GQ MUS 95 Hassall, B. J. M.
AM Hereulis Binaries in the ROSAT ERA 99 Beuermann, K.; Burwitz, V.
New Soft and hard X-ray IPs from the ROSAT Galactic Plane Survey 109 Motch, C.; Haberl, F.
ROSAT Observations of Intermediate Polars: AE AQR and YY DRA 115 Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Hanusch, H.; Thomas, H.-C.
ASCAObservations of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 119 Mukai, K.
GINGA and ASCA Observations of AM HER and EF ERI 128 Osborne, J. P.; Beardmore, A. P.; Done, C.; Ishida, M.; Mukai, K.
Diagnostics of the Postshock Hot Plasma with ASCA - I 132 Ishida, M.; Fujimoto, R.
Diagnostics of the Postshock Hot Plasma with ASCA - II. 136 Fujimoto, R.; Ishida, M.
Gamma-Ray Emission from Cataclysmic Variables 141 Barrett, P.
Discussion Summary III New Perceptions I - Results from X-rays 145 Mason, K. O.
OSSE Observations of Intermediate Polars 149 Norton, A. J.; Beardmore, A. P.; Taylor, P.; Grove, J. E.
Shock Structures and Geometries of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 153 Stockman, H. S.
Hot High-gravity Atmospheres as Soft X-ray Sources and the Effect of Hard X-ray Irradiation 162 Heise, J.
Structural Studies of Emission Regions in Polars 166 Schwope, A. D.; Schwarz, R.; Mantel, K.; Horne, K.; Beuermann, K.
Emission Line Formation in mCVs 172 Ferrario, L.
Absorption Dips in Polars 179 Watson, M. G.
The Accretion Geometry of Intermediate Polars 185 Hellier, C.
Inhomogeneous, Diamagnetic Accretion in A.E Aquarii 196 Wynn, G. A.; King, A. R.; Horne, K.
Modelling the Accretion Process in Intermediate Polars 202 Taylor, P.; Norton, A. J.; Beardmore, A. P.
Discussion Summary IV: Details of Accretion Flows and Structures 207 King, A. R.
Simulating the Emission Line Radial Velocity Modulation in Discless Intermediate Polars 211 Garlick, M. A.
Evidence for Curtain Accretion in the SW Sextantis Stars? 213 Still, M. D.; Dhillon, V. S.; Jones, D. H. P.
Shock Heating and Cyclotron Cooling of Magnetic White Dwarfs 215 Woelk, U.; Beuermann, K.
ROSAT WFC Observations of mCVs 219 Wheatley, P. J.
The Peculiar Soft X-ray Bxight Intermediate Polar PQ GEM (BE J0751+14) 225 Mason, K. O.
EUVE Observations of Polars 232 Warren, J.
IUE Observations of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 238 de Martino, D.
Optical and EST Observations of Oscillations and Flaring in AB Aquarii 244 Horne, K.; Eraclecous, M.
Discless Accretion in a New Polarized Intermediate Polar? 248 Buckley, D. A. H.; Sekiguchi, K.; O'Donoghue, D.; Chen, A.-L.; March, C.; Haberl, F.
A Photometric Investigation of V795 HER 254 Shugarov, S. Yu.; Zharova, A. V.
RX J1940.2-1025: Still Infamous 259 Watson, M. G.
RX J1940.2-1025: an Asynchronous Magnetic CV 264 Staubert, B.; Friedrich, S.; Lamer, G.; Konig, M.; Geckeler, R.; Sood, R.
RX J0515.6+0105: an 8 HR Period AM Herculis System 269 Shafter, A. W.; Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Misselt, K. A.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Burwitz, V.; Schwope, A. D.
Discussion Summary V: New Perceptions II - The EUV, UV and New Systems 274 Szkody, P.
EUVE Spectrophotometry of QS Tel (RE1938-461): The Second Pole Becomes Active 279 Rosen, S.; Mittaz, J.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Layden, A.; McCain, C.
Time Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of RX J1712.6-2414 281 Sekiguchi, K.; Buckley, D. A. H.
Ten Years of Intermediate Polar X-ray Lightcurve Interpretation 285 Norton, A. J.
On Beat Modulation in Intermediate Polars 292 Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Optical Observations of the New Polar RE1149+28 and Estimation of the Orbital Period 296 Somov, N. N.; Somova, T. A.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J.-M.; Mouchet, M.
ORFEUS and EUVE Observations of AM Herculis 298 Mauche, C. W.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Raymond, J. C.
The Beat Period of BY Camelopardalis 302 Silber, A. D.
Photometry and Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of the Polar HU AQR (RE2107-05) 306 Sohl, K. S.; Watson, M. C.; Rosen, S. B.
Observations of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations 311 Larsson, S.
Models for QPOs in AM Herculis Binaries 317 Chanmugam, G.
Discussion Summary VI: AM Herculis Binaries 324 Beuermann, K.
The Thermal Hard X-ray Spectral Component of AM Herculis 329 Beardmore, A. P.
AM Her: the Reprocessed Radiation Component Identified 331 Gänsicke, B. T.; Beuermann, K.; de Martino, D.
Time-resolved Spectroscopic Observations of FO AQR 333 Duck, S. R.; Marsh, T. R.
The Lowest Field Polar 336 Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D.; Bailey, J.; Buckley, D. A. H.
Polarisation Observations of RE1844-74 338 Ramsay, G.; Cropper, M.; Wu, K.
DQ Herculis Stars and Dwarf Nova Oscillations 343 Warner, B.
The Radio and Optical Flares of A.E Aquarii 355 Abada-Simon, M.; Bastian, T. S.; Horne, K.; Robinson, E. L.; Bookbinder, J. A.
The Complex H-alpha Profile of AE AQR 359 Mouchet, M.; Casares, J.; Harlaftis, E. T.; Emannelsen, I. G.; Martinez-Pais, P.-I.; Olsen, O.
Measurement of Circular Polarization and UBVPJ photometry of AR AQR 364 Beskrovnaya, N. G.; Ikhsanov, N. R.; Bruch, A.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.
Simultaneous X-ray, UV and Optical Observations of Flaring in AR AQR 368 Osborne, J. P.; Clayton, K. L.; O'Donoghue, D.; Eracleous, M.; Horne, K.; Kanaan, A.
Spindown and Particle Acceleration in AR Aquarii 373 de Jager, O. C.
ROSAT Observations of AE Aqr Made During the Whole Earth Telescope and World Astronomy Day Campaign 379 Clayton, K. L.; Osborne, J. P.
Fast Multi-site Optical Photometry of NE AQR 384 O'Donoghue, D.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Warner, B.; Solheim, J.-E.; Meistas, E.; Pajdosz, G.; Kepler, S. O.; Giovannini, O.; Haswell, C. A.; Baptista, R.; Neill, J. D.; Kanaan, A.; Kleinman, S. J.; Nather, R. E.; Sullivan, D. J.; Wu, K.; Bessell, M. S.; Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Tereshchenko, V.; Kardopolov, V.; Rspaev, F.; Marar, T. M. K.; Seetha, S.; Ashoka, B. N.; Mahra, H. S.
IUE Observations of AR AQR During WAD/WET Campaigns 388 de Martino, D.; Wamsteker, W.; Bromage, G.
HST Observations of AE Aquarii During the 1993 WAD Campaign 392 Eracleous, M.; Horne, K.; Osborne, J. P.; Clayton, K. L.
Is AE Aquarii a Magnetically Driven System? 396 Meintjes, P. J.; de Jager, O. C.
Is A.E Aquarii a System with a Neutron Star? 400 Ikhsanov, N. R.
Discussion Summary VDL DQ Herculis stars and AE Aquarii 405 Robinson, E. L.
The Eclipse Phase Shift of the 71-Second Oscillation in DQ Herculis 411 Robinson, E. L.; Zhang, E.
UV Pulsations of DQ Herculis at the White-Dwarf Spin Period 413 Silber, A. D.; Anderson, S. F.; Margon, B.; Downes, R. A.
Secondary Stars and irradiation 417 Smith, B. C.
The Donor Star in AM Herculis and Orbital Solutions using Indirect Imaging 427 Still, M. D.; Southwell, K.-A.; Smith, R. C.; Martin, J. S.
Where are the Magnetic White Dwarf Analogs of Supersoft Sources? 432 Kahabka, P.
X-rays from Magnetic CVs and White Dwarf Mass Determination 436 Wu, K.; Chanmugam, G.; Shaviv, G.
Cataclysmic Variable Evolution: The Role of the White Dwarf Magnetic Field 440 Kolb, U.
Reduced Magnetic Braking in AM Herculis Systems 452 Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Li, J.; Wu, K.
Formation of Cataclysmic Variables by Magnetic Fields in Common-Envelopes 458 Regos, E.; Tout, C. A.
The Optical Identification of the EUV Transient RE J1255+266 462 Watson, M. C.
Discussion Summary VIII: Secondaries, Evolution and Relatives 466 Lamb, D. Q.
Viscosity from Magnetic Dynamos in Weakly Ionized Accretion Discs 473 Regos, E.
Large-Scale Magnetic Field from a Disc Dynamo 475 Tout, C. A.; Pringle, J. E.
From a Common-Envelope Dynamo to Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 477 Tout, C.-A.; Regos, B.
Evidence for Magnetic Activity Cycles in Eclipsing Polars 479 Robinson, C. B.; Cordova, F. A.
Angular Momentum Loss in Synchronously Rotating Magnetic CVs: a 3-Dimensional Model 482 Wu, K.; Li, J.; Wickramasinghe, D. T.
The Future of Magnetic CVs with XMM 487 Cropper, M.
Future X-ray Missions: Prospects for Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 493 Mukai, K.
Asynchronism and Multipole Accretion in BY Cam 496 Mason, P. A.; Andronov, I. L.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Shakovskoy, M.
Discussion Summary IX: Recent and Future Observations 501 Stockman, H. S.
A ROSAT Observation of the Polar RE J1938-461 (QS Tel) 509 Clayton, K. L.; Rosen, S. R.; Osborne, J. P.; Watson, M. G..; Buckley, D. A. H.
Recent Multi-site Observations of TX Columbae 512 Sullivan, D. J.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Thomas, C.
On Magnetized Accretion in Cataclysmic Variables 514 Li, J.; Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Ferrario, L.
Highlights of the Cape Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 519 Lamb, D. Q.