Title: New Observing Modes for the next Century
Volume: 87 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Boroson, Todd; Davies, John; Robson, Ian
ISBN: 1-886733-08-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-423-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
New Modes of Observing - The Key Issues 3 Robson, I.
Queue Scheduling - One Approach Toward Evaluating Gains and Drawbacks 13 Boroson, T.
Telescope Time Allocation: Logic or Lottery? 22 Edmunds, M. C.
New Observing Modes with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 33 Kelton, P. W.; Cornell, M. F.; Adams, M. T.
The Concepts for the Scientific-Technical Operation of the Very Large Telescope 37 Baade, D.
The Impact of Proposed Observing Modes on the Spanish SM Telescope 41 Hammersley, P. L.; Carranza, J. M.
The Prediction of Seeing and Other Relevant Climatological Conditions 47 Sarazin, M.; Murtagh, F.
Building Scheduling Tools for Ground Based Telescopes 58 Chavan, A. M.; Johnston, M. D.; Albrecht, M. A.
Scheduling Tools for Astronomical Observations 62 Johnston, M. D.
Improving Observing Efficiency 72 Glaspey, J. W.
Reactive Scheduling of The UK Infrared Telescope 76 Davies, J. K.
A System for Long-Term Scheduling of Ground-Based Observatories 81 Miller, G. E.
Status of Remote Observing and Experience at ESO 87 Wallander, A.; Zijlstra, A. A.
Remote Observing at Apache Point 97 Gillespie, B.; Loewenstein, H. F.; York, D.
Remote Observing at the MMT: Past, Present and Future 109 Barg, I.; Foltz, C.; Hanson, B.; Poyner, A.
Alternate Observing Options at Kitt Peak National Observatory 114 Seaman, H.; Bohannan, B.
Service Observing at the Anglo-Australian Observatory 121 Ryan, S. G.
UKIRTSERVICE - a decade of flexible scheduling 125 Howat, S. K. R.; Davies, J. K.
Coordinated Space and Ground Based Observations (of Blazars) 130 McHardy, I. M.
The New Technology Telescope Upgrade Project 134 Baade, D.; Chiesa, M.; Duc, T. P.; Wallander, A.; Zijlstra, A.; Aviles, H.; Gitton, P.; Glaves, P.; Gojak, D.; Gredel, H.; Martin, C.; Mathys, C.; Miranda, J.; Nunez, H.; Parra, R.; Pizarro, M.; Rojas, R.; Storm, J.; van de Steene, G.; Weilenmann, U.
The UKSERVice program at JCMT 138 Coulson, I. M.
ATIS Dispatch Scheduling of Robotic Telescopes 145 Henry, G. W.
Improved Scheduling of Robotic Telescopes 151 Edgington, W.; Drummond, M.; Bresina, J.; Henry, G.; Drascher, F.
Hubble Space Telescope Planning and Scheduling - Experience; Lessons Learned and Future Directions 158 Miller, G. E.
Queue Scheduled Observing at UKIRT - Evolution not Revolution 162 Bridger, A.; Wright, G. S.
Flexible Scheduling at JCMT; an Observer's View 168 Padman, R.
The UKT14 Queueing System 173 Oliveira, F. J.
The Astronomer - Observer Interface 179 Leibundgut, B.
Scientific Data Flow at Modern Observatories: an Object-Oriented Approach 183 Peron, M.; Grosbol, P.; van den Berg, R. J. G.
The VLT Control Software - Local and Remote Support for Operations by Astronomers and Operators 192 Allaert, E.; Raffi, G.
Observation Scheduling Scheme of the SUBARU Telescope 196 Sasaki, T.; Kosugi, G.; Takata, T.; Kawai, J. A.
Observing Modes for the Italian Galileo Telescope 200 Alighieri, S. D. S.
Scientific Archives and New Observing Modes: Convergence in the 21st Century 207 Crabtree, D. R.; Durand, D.; Gaudet, S.; Hill, N.; Morris, S.
System Independent Pipeline for Ground Based Telescopes 215 Spyromilio, J.
Communications Infrastructure for New Observing Techniques 219 Sun, T.; McLaren, H. A.
Real-Time Automated Data Reduction at UKIRT 223 Daly, P. N.; Wright, G. S.; Bridger, A.
Save The Bits at the Kitt Peak National Observatory 229 Seaman, H.
New Observing Modes for the Next Century - A Summary 235 Mountain, M.
Discussion Session 245 Boroson, T.