Title: The Origins, Evolution, and Destinies of Binary Stars in Clusters
Volume: 90 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Milone, E. F.; Mermilliod, J.-C.
ISBN: 1-886733-11-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-426-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Opening Remarks 3 Milone, E. F.
Keynote Address: Questions for the Present and Future 15 Abt, H. A.
Photometric Binary Stars in Globular Clusters 21 Mateo, M.
Radial Velocity Techniques 31 Latham, D. W.
OGLE Eclipsing and SX Phe Stars in ω Cen and 47 Tuc 38 Kaluzny, J.; Kubiak, M.; Szymański, M.; Udalski, A.; Krzemiński, W.; Mateo, M.
First Results of a Speckle Survey of O Stars 40 Mason, B. D.; Hartkopf, W. I.; Gies, D. R.; McAlister, H. A.; Bagnuolo, W. G., Jr.
A Catalogue of Eclipsing Binaries in Clusters & Associations 44 Gimenez, A.; Clausen, J. V.
A Catalogue of Well Studied Solar-Type Field Contact Binaries 47 Maceroni, C.
A Search for Variables in Clusters 49 Kaiser, D. H.; Terrell, D.
Binaries for the Stellar Interferometer Program 51 Kelz, A.
Infrared Searches for Binary Stars: Current Status and Future Prospects 57 Zinnecker, H.
Binaries in Globular Clusters HST Observations of White Dwarfs in M4 65 Richer, H. B.; Fahlman, G.; Ibata, R. A.; Ivanans, N. C.; Mandushev, G.; Hesser, J. E.; Stetson, P. B.; VandenBerg, D. A.; Pryor, C.; Harris, W. E.; Bond, H. E.; Bolte, M.; Bell, R. A.
Recent Results on X-ray Binaries 76 Leahy, D. A.
An X--ray View of Old Open Clusters 82 Belloni, T.; Verbunt, F.
HST Observations of NGC 6752: Work in Progress 85 Rubenstein, E. P.; Bailyn, C. D.
Binary Stars in M 55 and the Extent of the SGR Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 87 Mateo, M.; Mirabel, N.
Binary Stars Near the Turnoff in the Globular Cluster M71 89 Barden, S. C.; Armandroff, T. E.; Pryor, C. P.
Modeling of Recent Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies 91 Ruotsalainen, R.
Statistical Properties of Detected Binary Stars 95 Mermilliod, J.-C.
Observational Evidence of Binary Evolution in Open Clusters 105 Abt, H. A.; Willmarth, D. W.
Detached Binaries as Probes of Cluster Evolution 109 Gimenez, A.
Binaries in Clusters: Exploring Binary and Cluster Evolution 120 Schiller, S. J.; Milone, E. F.
A Search for Early-Type Binaries in the SCO OB2 Association 131 Verschueren, W.; David, M.; Brown, A. G. A.
RU 55: OB Members, Search for Binaries, and the Surrounding ISM 133 Niemela, V.; Morrell, N.; Barbá, R.; Ostrov, P.; Bosch, G.; Arnal, M.; Cappa, C.; Morras, R.; Giménez de Castro, G.
Physical Properties of the Contact Binaries of the Old Open Cluster NGC 188 135 Bradstreet, D. H.; Baliunas, S. L.; Guinan, E. F.
Study of the Young Open Cluster NGC 6231 139 Raboud, D.; Mermilliod, J.-C.
New Photographic Light Curve Measurements of SS Lacertae 141 Schiller, S. J.; Bridges, D.; Clifton, T.
The Origin of the Mass Ratio Distribution of Cluster Binaries 145 Malkov, O.
Is the Eclipsing Binary SAO 76494 a Hyad or Escaped Hyad? 148 Terrell, D.; Milone, E. F.; Babbott, F. M.; Kaiser, D. H.
Analyses of the Eclipsing Binaries LZ and BF Centauri 150 Wolf, G. W.; Ratzlaff, P. W.; Lawson, W. A.
Eclipsing Binaries in the Old Open Cluster NGC 2243 152 Kaluzny, J.; Krzeminski, W.; Mazur, B.
Eclipsing Binaries in Clusters and Associations with Accurate Light Curves 154 Clausen, J. V.; Helt, B. E.; García, J. M.; Giménez, A.; Vaz, L. P. R.; Alencar, S. H. P.
Field and cluster binaries as tests of stellar evolution 157 Lastennet, E.; Lejeune, T.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
Binaries and Pulsars in Globular Clusters 163 Phinney, F. S.
Primordial Binaries in the Globular Cluster ω Centauri 190 Mayor, M.; Duquennoy, A.; Udry, S.; Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.
A Search for Hard X-ray Emission from Globular Clusters 193 Ford, E.; Tavani, M.; Kaaret, P.; Harmon, B. A.; Zhang, S. N.
Eclipsing Binaries in the Magellanic Clouds 196 Guinan, E. F.; Bradstreet, D. H.; Dewarf, L. E.
Binary Stars in Local Group Galaxies 207 Hilditch, R. W.
Light Curve Analyses of Eclipsing Binaries in M71 220 McVean, J. R.; Milone, E. F.
Searching for Spectroscopic Binaries in the Globular Clusters M4 and M22 222 Côté, P.; Fischer, P.; Pryor, C.; Welch, D. L.
A Search for Spectroscopic Binaries in the Magellanic Clouds 224 Niemela, V. S.; Morrell, N. I.; Bosch, G. L.; Barbá, R. H.
Light Curve Analysis of Four Eclipsing Binaries in M31 226 Kang, Y. W.
Binary Frequencies Among Pre-Main-Sequence Stars 231 Mathieu, R. D.
The Formation of Binaries in Small N Clusters 242 Clarke, C. J.
Evolutionary Tracks and Isochrones for 9 New Grids of Stellar Models 252 Claret, A.; Giménez, A.
HD 188001 9 SGE -- an O8 If Runaway Binary Star 254 Underhill, A. B.; Matthews, J. M.
Evolution of Contact Binaries 257 Eggleton, P. P.
Contact Binary Stars as Standard Candles 270 Rucinski, S. M.
The Lifetime of Late Type Contact Binaries 280 van't Veer, F.
Analysis of the Contact System 1-1235 in the Open Cluster NGC 752 283 Milone, E. F.; Terrell, D.
Preliminary Analysis of the Contact System V7 in NGC 6791 286 Milone, E. F.; Terrell, D.
Common Envelope Evolution 291 Livio, M.
Late Stages of Stellar Evolution in Old Clusters 300 Verbunt, F.; Johnston, H. M.
Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters 312 Livio, M.
X-ray Binaries in Globular Clusters 320 Bailyn, C. D.
Eclipse Mapping of the X-ray Binary Hercules X-1 329 Leahy, D. A.
Relation Between Emission Region and Stellar Companion Properties 332 Li, L.; Leahy, D. A.
Blue Stragglers in Star Clusters 337 Leonard, P. J. T.
The Binary Nature of Blue Stragglers 346 Mateo, M.
The Nature and Evolution of Blue Stragglers 356 Ouellette, J.; Pritchet, C. J.
A Search for Variable Blue Stragglers in the Outer-Regions of M3 359 Nemec, J. M.; Park, N.
Hydrodynamics of Stellar Mergers and the Formation of Blue Stragglers 368 Rasio, F. A.
Stellar Collisions in Globular Clusters 378 Portegies Zwart, S. F.
Are Blue Stragglers Mixed During Collisions? 380 Procter, A.; Bailyn, C. D.; Demarque, P.
Rapid Rotators of Roslund 3 (and Other Clusters) 382 Turner, D. G.
Spectroscopic Binaries Among the M67 Blue Stragglers 385 Latham, D. W.; Milone, A. A. E.
Tidal Capture Binaries in Clusters: The Chaos Model for Tidal Evolution 399 Mardling, R. A.
Dynamical Interactions and Binary Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters 410 Rasio, F. A.; Hegge, D. C.
STARLAB Gravitational Scattering Experiments 413 McMillan, S. L. W.
N-Body Simulations of Open Clusters with Binary Evolution 423 Aarseth, S. J.
Binaries in the Universe: A Dominant Role in Star and Galaxy Systems 431 Anosova, J.; Tanikawa, K.
Formation and Evolution of Hierarchical Triple Systems in Open Clusters 433 Kiseleva, L. G.; Aarseth, S. J.; Eggleton, P. P.; de La Fuente Marcos, R.
Proper Motions in the Central Region of the Hyades Cluster: Interim Report 439 Upgren, A. R.; Lee, J. T.
Color-Magnitude Diagrams for Young Open Clusters 443 Turner, D. G.
Binary and Multiple Stars in NGC 2362 (Tau CMa) 452 Lloyd Evans, T.
Old Open Clusters 454 Anthony-Twarog, B. J.
A systematic study of the effects of unresolved binaries and rotation in open clusters 464 Lastennet, E.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
Stellar Complexes: The Largest Stellar Assemblages 467 Efremov, Y. N.
The Open Cluster DataBase 475 Mermilliod, J.-C.
Cross Roads in Stellar Research 484 Underhill, A. B.
Absolute Proper Motions and Distances of the Young Open Cluster System 487 Glushkova, E. V.; Dambis, A. K.
The Radial Distributions of Binary and Single Stars in NGC 2243 489 Bergbusch, P. A.; Blake, R. M.
The Distance of NGC 188 from Eclipsing Binary Light Curve Solutions 491 Branly, R. M.; Athauda, R. I.; Fillingim, M. O.; Van Hamme, W.
A Meeting at the Crossroads 497 Webbink, R. F.
Concluding Postscript 504 Milone, E. F.